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In a day and age where so many football players are selfish divas, it’s nice to see one player that is the opposite. His name is Reggie Bonnafon. A young man born of the Ville who chose to play football at the University of Louisville.

Reggie came in as a dual threat QB. He had a great arm and appeared to be a dynamic playmaker. Unfortunately, along came a guy by the name of Lamar Jackson and he wrested control of the QB position away from Reggie.

Reggie did not pout. He did not whine and threaten to transfer. Instead, he moved to a new position. One he played most of his high school career at Trinity and one he was familiar with. Reggie was now a member of the AFROS. He was a WR.

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Reggie did well at WR. Catching a few TDs and making some tough catches. However, he wasn’t getting the ball as much as Coach Petrino thought he should.

Throughout Reggie’s time here, Coach Petrino has consistently lauded his athletic ability. He always seemed to mention he needed to get the ball in Reggie’s hands more. So, Petrino decided to move Reggie once again to a new position for his senior year. Reggie is now a RB.


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Think about that for a moment. A player who was highly recruited as a QB, asked to switch positions 3 times in his 4 years on campus. Most players would get angry and transfer out. Bonnafon is not most players. He is unique among his peers.

Bonnafon had played some RB late in his sophomore year, but now he was being asked to do it full-time. It was more out of necessity as UofL is thin at the position. His first few games he did ok. Nothing spectacular. It was obvious he had never really played the position before. He hesitated a lot and didn’t recognize running lanes well.

However, against Boston College you started to notice he was getting more comfortable in his new position. He made a long TD run. What was great to see is that he recognized the small opening quick, hit the hole, made a cut in the hole, and took it to the house.

He started looking more and more like a RB and not a WR trying to play RB. His numbers against FSU bear this out. In the game he had 16 carries for 74 yards and a TD. He also had 2 receptions for 14 yards. Reggie is a great receiver out of the backfield.

It is amazing to see a young man who has endured so much change and turmoil throughout his career persevere. I haven’t even mentioned the fact he, by all appearances, has been a model student and citizen. Reggie is the glue that holds the team together.

Be appreciative and thankful Card fam. Reggie Bonnafon is an exceptional young man who has sacrificed selflessly for his team. He is the perfect teammate. He hasn’t complained and moaned while literally learning an entirely new position in fall camp. Bonnafon isn’t the face of UofL Football, but I believe he is the heart.


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