The Barbour Shop: Ten Things I Love About The Start Of UofL Basketball Season

With basketball season tipping off for UofL on Sunday, I thought I would talk about the 10 things I love about UofL Basketball season. Let’s get started.

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10) I love 100 point games for UofL. Do you know why? Because it means a free taco! I love tacos. I am Taco Shawn of the House Barbour.

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9) I enjoy going to all the local pubs and restaurants around the Yum Center to enjoy some good food and hopefully good company. Impellizaris, Bearnos, and other places offer exactly that.

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8) Walking into the Yum Center and seeing the Hall of Honor and the piece of floor from the 2013 Title in Atlanta hanging high above the lobby. I still have great memories of that game despite the scandal.

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7) Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen. I’m a got dang cookie monster and, despite the name, they have an excellent chocolate chip cookie.

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6) Sitting in my seat, usually high up in the rafters and looking down at the court. It’s a truly beautiful view. Seeing Denny Crum’s John Hancock on the court and knowing I’m about to watch great basketball. Nothing like it.

5) The intro video. UofL usually has a great intro video. I love it. It gets you feeling sentimental, then as fired up as the players. This year’s “Family” video is apropos. The team and fans are like one family.

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4) The ruckus the fans raise after an eye-popping dunk or a big shot. Nothing quite like a sold out Yum Center when something big happens and the fans go nuts. The joy is intense.


3) The Lady Birds dance routines. The synchronization, the complex dance moves, the music, the audible gasps of opposing fans, I love it. Those ladies are excellent at what they do. No team in America is better.

2) Watching Coach Padgett stalk the sidelines. Yes it’s a new coach, but I’m going to love watching Coach Padgett stalk the sidelines, actively orchestrating the team like a symphony. He seems to be great at communicating with the players which is highly important. From what I’ve seen so far, it’ll be a joy watching his intensity and emotion. That let’s me know he cares like I care.

1) Seeing this team, these players, play. All of these players, both the new guys and the veterans have been through hell. Some guys have experienced 2 major scandals. Yet, they go out and give everything they have for the school, the Coach, the fans, and each other. Not to mention there are 3 Louisville men on this team. 3 amazing young men in Ray Spalding, Dwayne Sutton, and Quentin Snider. Deng came back to try to win a title. Anas has worked incredibly hard to get bigger and better. VJ King came here even after the dark days of the first scandal and he worked hard in the offseason to become a great player. I’m going to enjoy every minute, every big moment, every triumph.

The season is upon us. We know not what the future holds. So, let’s enjoy this season and love what we have in the present.

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