Cards in the NBA: November 30th

Welcome back everyone, its that time of the week again! Time for us to find out what our beloved former Cards are doing in the NBA!


*Stats reflect games played through November 28th

Gorgui Dieng (Minnesota Timberwolves)

MPG (Minutes Per Game): 15.3

PPG (Points Per Game): 5.8

APG (Assists Per Game): 0.9

RPG (Rebounds Per Game): 4.5

SPG (Steals Per Game): 0.4

BPG (Blocks Per Game): 0.1

TPG (Turnovers Per Game): 0.8

FG%: 45.7

3P%: 25.0

FT%: 73.0

Montrezl Harrell (Los Angeles Clippers)

MPG: 8.5

PPG: 3.8

APG: 0.5

RPG: 2.9

SPG: 0.2

BPG: 0.5

TPG: 0.3

FG%: 57.9

3P%: 0.0

FT%: 60.0

Chinanu Onuaku (Rio Grande Valley Vipers)

MPG: 24.2

PPG: 10.1

APG: 2.9

RPG: 8.8

SPG: 0.8

BPG: 1.5

TPG: 2.3

FG%: 56.2

3P%: 0.0

FT%: 61.1

Damion Lee (Santa Cruz Warriors)

MPG: 22.3

PPG: 14.5

APG: 2.9

RPG: 3.9

SPG: 1.5

BPG: 0.1

TPG: 1.6

FG%: 41.9

3P%: 34.1

FT%: 93.8

Terry Rozier (Boston Celtics)

MPG: 23.5

PPG: 9.5

APG: 2.0

RPG: 4.5

SPG: 1.0

BPG: 0.0

TPG: 0.7

FG%: 38.0

3P%: 36.7

FT%: 81.8

Donovan Mitchell (Utah Jazz)

MPG: 28.3

PPG: 14.9

APG: 3.1

RPG: 3.2

SPG: 1.4

BPG: 0.5

TPG: 2.2

FG%: 38.3

3P%: 34.4

FT%: 81.6

And even though it did not count…..


Also shout out to Donovan on becoming just the 2nd Jazz rookie, after another Cardinal legend in Darrell Griffith, to score 300 points through the team’s first 21 games! You’re the steal of last year’s draft and I, as well as the rest of the Cardinal Family, can’t wait to see what else your career has in store for you!


That’s all for this week folks, make sure to check back next week, and as always, GO CARDS!!

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