Signee Breakdown: Jarrett Jackson

IMG_20171220_140755Photo Courtesy of Jarrett Jackson’s Twitter Account (@Jsavagee_5)

South Carolina came in late and tried to flip Jarrett Jackson from UofL. Jackson, a DE, chose to stick with the Cards and signed his Letter of Intent. I’m sure Bobby Petrino, LD Scott, and Peter Sirmon are extremely happy he did.

Jackson is ideal size for a DE at 6’4 and 265 lbs. He has long arms and is powerfully built. To my eye, he is physically ready to play, possibly even start.

He’s a natural pass rusher, but he can play the run extremely well. Jackson’s speed and ability to get off the ball is insane. So many of his highlights he’s unblocked simply because of those two things. Three or four times, he just ran right by a OT or right through the gap between a OG and OT before they were fully out of their 3 point stance.

080117 HS football first day of practice 2Photo Courtesy of Richard Graulich/Palm Beach Post 

With his long arms, when a blocker engages him, he keeps them from getting a solid block by keeping his arms fully extended and is able to shed them with ease to get to the QB or RB. He also uses his long arms and power to bull rush linemen and push them right into the backfield.

Jackson uses a very nice spin move as his primary pass rush move. It’s a really nice move that is highly effective at getting by OTs.

I love Jackson’s motor. If blocked or even held, he keeps fighting. A few plays in his highlight, he tackled a ball carrier after being clearly held and, in one case, literally tackled to the ground.

It’s obvious Jackson is a difference maker. The film is quite spectacular. This young man, in my opinion, could play for just about anyone. He’s got prototype size for a DE. He’s got a great spin move. His first step and his overall speed are something to behold. Thank goodness Petrino was able to hold of South Carolina.

Check out his Hudl highlights below and see what you think of Mr. Jackson.

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