Signee Breakdown: Marcus Riley

IMG_20171220_111514Photo Courtesy of Marcus Riley’s Twitter Account (@PrimeeTimee2)

Marcus Riley is an interesting recruit in this class for Coach Petrino. They list him as an ATH and with good reason. After watching his film, I saw him play 4 different positions; WR, QB, Safety, and CB. It’s obvious why UofL wanted him; they coveted his speed.

Riley, no matter where he lines up or what side of the ball he lines up on, is a playmaker because of his speed and quickness. As an offensive weapon, he’s the kind of guy that will wreck havoc on defenses if you get him in open space. He’s got more jukes than a dive bar, his cuts can be devastating on defender’s ankles, and if he gets by defenders he won’t often be caught. In one play, it appeared a defender had an angle to bring him down. Unfortunately for said defender, Riley just outran the angle.

Specifically as a WR, his cutting ability makes him a devastating route runner. In more than a few highlights, he left defenders stuck in mud because of his routes. He’s not easy to press simply because of his quickness. It’s hard to get hands on him.

B9319436460Z.1_20151031004551_000_GD7CDO87K.1-0Photo Courtesy of Joe Rondone/Tallahasse Democrat

As a defender, he can cover a ton of ground. It’s hard to run routes against him because even if the WR wins, Riley can make up the ground relatively easily. Riley is not afraid to hit bigger RBs. He’s a fearless player.

If I had to guess, I think Riley is going to be an offensive player here at UofL. His tools could be greatly utilized by Coach Petrino. At his size, it’s possible he could add a little muscle and move into the backfield as a RB. He’s not much smaller than James Cook and his acceleration and ability to cut could easily translate. The only unknown is his vision to see a running lane.

Marcus Riley was recruited heavily by Scott Frost at Nebraska. UofL did a great job keeping him in the fold. Coach Petrino will make sure to put Riley in the best position to do damage to opponents. And Marcus Riley will do damage.

Check out his Hudl highlights below and see what you think.

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