Louisville vs Northern Kentucky: Cards Kick Off NIT Play Against In-State Foe

By now it’s no secret, Louisville will not be playing in this year’s NCAA tournament. Instead, Louisville accepted a bid to the NIT and received a 2-seed. Louisville will play 7-seed Northern Kentucky tonight at 7pm in the Yum! Center on ESPN.

NKU went to the NCAA tournament last year, but failed to win their conference tournament this year and were sent to the NIT. Don’t let the fact that they’re mid-major fool you, NKU is a solid team. Former Card, Tyler Sharpe is having a great season with his new team. NKU Point Guard Lavone Holland and Quentin Snider played at Ballard high school together so their reunion should be intriguing as well.

Head-to-head with no outside influences, Louisville wins this game by a lot. However, with the let down of missing the NCAA tournament, the rumors of the players not wanting to play, and NKU having a strong desire to make an in-state statement, my feelings aren’t so good for this game. I think Louisville wins in a close one because Q and Anas won’t let their last ride conclude with an embarrassing Robert Morris-like loss at home.

Louisville 77 – Northern Kentucky 72

Go Cards!


About Mitch Motley

University of Louisville student, Diehard Cards fan, Basketball Coach of the Louisville Spartans and St. Patrick Celtics

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