2018 NFL Draft Weekend Wrap-Up

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We all saw Jaire Alexander and Lamar Jackson get drafted in the 1st round of the NFL Draft Thursday night. Then we sawGeron Christianget drafted in the 3rd round Friday night.

However, they weren’t the only Cards to find an NFL home. Here are a list of the other players who now find themselves on NFL rosters.

Trevon Young DE/LB

Trevon Young was a JUCO star who chose UofL over Iowa. In his first season, he showed himself to be a sack artist with excellent speed from the edge. He ended up with 8.5 sacks which ranked 33rd nationally per gocards.com. Then in the 2015 Music City Bowl, Young suffered a hip injury similar to one Bo Jackson suffered that ended Bo’s career.

Young sat out all of the 2016 season and returned this year to play. Many thought he would not be the same player he had been prior to the injury. Instead, he looked like he had never been injured and finished this season with 4.5 sacks per gocards.com.

Now, Young finds himself an NFL draftee as he was taken with 205th pick in the 6th round by the Los Angeles Rams joining former UofL OL Jamon Brown. This is quite a story considering many people thought Young would have to give up football due to his injury.

Coach Petrino sent congratulations to Trevon on Twitter after he was drafted.

Photo Courtesy of UofL Football Twitter Account (@UofLFootball)

James Hearns LB

James Hearns was a powerful, hard-hitting player for UofL. More than a few times he would make hits that would wow UofL fans.

He, like his team-mate Trevon Young, was a sack artist. Unlike Trevon, his game was all about power. Hearns, loved using a bull rush move to bully OL and get to the QB. Usually, when he got there, he’d lay a wallop on that QB.

Now, James Hearns has found a home deep in the heart of Texas, signing as a free agent with the Dallas Cowboys. I think the Cowboys will enjoy his motor and his power.

Reggie Bonnafon RB

I’m willing to bet every single UofL fan rejoiced when they saw Reggie Bonnafon had signed a free agent deal with the Carolina Panthers.

Reggie is a Louisville kid, who for 4 years played his heart out and did whatever was asked of him by coaches. He moved from QB, to WR, and finally to RB. He also returned punts when Jaire Alexander went down. There was never a complaint or a word of rebuke uttered by him.

Reggie has great athleticism and speed. He’s the kind of player that only needs a chance to prove his value; not to mention he’s a wonderful team-mate and a guy any team would want in their locker room.

With his multiple skills and positions played, Reggie should be a valuable piece for the Panthers to use in a variety of ways.

Malik Williams RB

Malik Williams was a JUCO player who had some injury issues here. However, Williams last year showed his talent as a RB. He was arguably UofL’s best RB.

Williams was a one cut and go runner. He was excellent at seeing a hole, hitting it, and then taking off.

His best game may have been against Syracuse. He rushed 9 times for 180 yards and 2 TDs. This included a 55 yard TD run per gocards.com. His power, his speed, and his balance were on full display in this game.

Another important aspect of Williams’ game was his contributions on special teams where he was a returner. This will help his chances of making the 53 man roster.

Stacy Thomas LB

Stacy Thomas was a 4 year standout for UofL. Now, he is an Indianapolis Colt, after signing a free agent deal with the team.

Thomas started out on special teams and he was a nightmare for opponents. He was known as a hard hitter as he often leveled returners.

Thomas transitioned to LB and he showed good skills in coverage. His penchant for hitting showed in hammering RBs who dared to enter his area. Thomas was also a good blitzer, finding quite a few tackles for loss, QB hits, and sacks.

Thomas, much like Williams, will have a chance to make the Colts 53 man roster due to his special teams prowess and versatility.

Photo Courtesy of UofL Football Twitter Account (@UofLFootball)

Charles Standberry was a solid TE for UofL. He made some nice catches in his career. He now gets the chance to make some with the Cleveland Browns.

Standberry was a solid pass catching TE. His long arms allowed him to snatch passes in over LBs and DBs. His height and athleticism may make him a match up nightmare.

He will be reunited with former team-mate James Burgess and the next guy on our list in Cleveland.

Drew Bailey DT

Drew Bailey was a solid DT at UofL. He now gets a chance to ply his trade with the Cleveland Browns.

Bailey’s stats weren’t eye-popping, but that’s because his job was to occupy OL and space to allow LBs to bring down RBs and allow pass rushers to have more one on one opportunities against OL.

Hopefully, Bailey can make his way on the 53 man roster.

Chucky Williams S

Chucky Williams was one of the defensive leaders for UofL the last 2 years and played very well at S. Now, he joins Trevon Young and Jamon Brown in Los Angeles.

Williams was an enforcer in the defensive backfield who looked to level WRs coming across the middle. He was also a ball hawk, coming up with 3 interceptions last year per gocards.com.

Williams like many other UofL players listed here, was also a special teams player and this will help him have a chance to find his way on to the 53 man roster.

Congrats to all of these players from we here at Cardinal Sports Zone and from all of Card Nation.

Coach Bobby Petrino also offered his congratulations to the players via Twitter.

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