The Barbour Shop: An Interview With UofL’s Newest Commit Aidan Robbins

Aidan Robbins
Photo Courtesy of Aidan Robbins Twitter Account (@theaidanrobbins)

On Wednesday, UofL picked up a commitment from 3 Star Dupont Manual RB Aidan Robbins.

  • Height: 6’3
  • Weight: 220 lbs
  • 40 Time: 4.54
  • Shuttle Time: 4.3
  • Vertical Jump: 33 inches
  • Bench Press: 285 lbs
  • Squat: 450 lbs

*stats from Aidan Robbins HUDL page

He picked UofL over arch rival UK, Purdue, Vandy, and Missouri. He is the first of a bunch of high level talent in the city of Louisville to choose to stay home to play his college ball.

Aidan averaged 16 carries a game last season and 3.8 yards a carry per maxpreps. He also did not fumble the ball once. Strong, durable, powerful, with excellent ball security, Aidan Robbins will be a feature back that can wreak havoc on opposing defenders.

Aidan’s father Ron Robbins talked to the Courier Journal after Aidan’s commitment and had this to say:

“When UK came in, they came in and it kind of … they almost got him,” Ron Robbins said. “But when we went back out (to Louisville), I could see his joy. And I said, ‘Son, you’re happy here. You’re at home.’”

Now Aidan moseyed on into the Barbour Shop and sat down to have a chat.

CSZ – Alright! First, let me just say we appreciate you taking time out for this. So, first question: What were some the factors that made UofL more attractive than the other schools that recruited you? 

AR Just the relationships I had with the staff, the closeness to home, and it just felt right along with my heart being there. 

CSZ That actually kind of leads me into my next question. Who on the staff did you interact with the most during the recruiting process and what was their recruiting pitch to you?  

AR -  Coach Petrino, Coach Smith, Coach Summers and Coach Nochta. Really the whole staff. They just pitched to me the success I could have at UofL and the honor of playing for my hometown.

CSZ – There is a lot of other hometown talent like you in this 2019 class. Who are some of the local players you will be actively recruiting to play with you at UofL? Are you friends with any of them?

AR Yes, JJ Weaver, Milton Wright, Jared Casey, Shawnkel and Tae Tae.

CSZ – Now we know you will likely be playing RB at UofL. So, what do you feel are some of your strengths as a RB and what do you feel are some things you may need to work on? Also, which is your favorite thing to do as a RB, truck someone or break off a long run? 

AR Well, I am big, fast and strong, and have abnormal size for a RB. I use that size to my advantage and then use my speed in the open field. I like to see myself as a multidimensional back. I could work on flexibility and some of the fundamental things of a RB; there is always room for improvement. 

CSZ – What are some of the goals you want to accomplish on the field as a UofL player? 

AR -  I want to be the best RB to ever wear a Cardinal jersey, I want to give back to city that gave to me. 

CSZ - It’s known you have been a UofL fan and that answer shows it. So, tell Card Nation one of your favorite UofL players, one of your favorite UofL moments, and one of your favorite UofL games.

AR Michael Bush is my favorite player. I remember when Louisville won the Sugar Bowl; that was a great moment. And one of my fav games was against USF in Teddy’s senior year. 

CSZ – You’re running style reminds me a lot of Michael Bush. Is that who you kind of modeled your style of running after? 

AR Yes in a sense. I watched him, Eric Dickerson, and Walter Payton. 

CSZ – I’m a Bears fan myself and Sweetness was my favorite NFL back. My favorite player. Now one more serious question and then we are going to do a few light-hearted ones to close this out. 

CSZ – Now most people may not realize that you are as great a student in the classroom as you are a player on the field. Do you have any idea what you may want to major in at UofL? If so, why are you choosing that major and are there any careers outside of being an NFL player you would want to do?

AR - I am looking to major in political science and minor in sociology with a focus on business. I’m very interested in social studies and law and UofL has a good law school.

CSZ – Law is a great profession and Brandeis is one of the best around. Alright, now we come to the lighthearted questions. First one: Do you like Star Trek, Star Wars, or are you like Star what? 

AR - Star Wars

CSZ - Nice. May the force be with you lol. Name your top 3 favorite musical artists and a song or two you listen to pump you up before a game.

AR - Rick Ross, Drake and Kendrick Lamar. Before a game I’ll listen to Met Gala by Gucci Mane.

CSZ - Nice. Got a go to song. If you could have any super power, what would you choose?

AR - Invincibility ?

CSZ - Oh man. You’re already a load to tackle. That would make defenders just drop to their knees and cry. 

AR - That’s what I would love to do lol.

CSZ - You’ll probably make them do that even without invincibility powers. Final question. Big one. A hugely important and hotly debated question. In your opinion, is a hot dog a sandwich? 

AR - No.

CSZ - I and the rest of the site totally endorse this opinion lol. On behalf of myself and CSZ, I want to thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview. I think Card Nation will really enjoy getting to know the newest member of Uncaged 19. We all look forward to you having a great senior season at Manual and then seeing you suit up for the Cards after that. 

AR - Thank you!!!!!

I hope you all enjoyed your visit to the Barbour Shop today to learn about Aidan Robbins, the newest member of the flock. As you can see, we aren’t just getting a great player, we are also getting a great young man.


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