The Barbour Shop: Shop Talk With 2019 QB Commit Jaden Johnson

Jaden Johnson
Photo Courtesy of Jaden Johnson’s Twitter Account (@JadenJohnson524)

Back on November 1, 2017, UofL got a commitment from 3 Star QB Jaden Johnson.

  • Height: 6’2
  • Weight: 208 lbs
  • 40 Time: 4.8
  • Shuttle Time: 4.4
  • Vertical Jump: 29.5 inches
  • Bench Press: 315 lbs
  • Squat: 555 lbs

*stats courtesy of Hudl

Johnson chose UofL over his hometown school Memphis and Georgia. He is rated the 14th best pro style QB in the nation per 247sports.

Many UofL fans feel like the already know Jaden due to his presence on social media. They constantly see him exalting the virtues of UofL to other football recruits attempting to persuade them to join Uncaged 19. It’s not often a player who hasn’t even set foot on campus or has yet to throw a pass in uniform garners status as a fan favorite. It appears Jaden is doing this, winning over UofL fans with his Twitter charm.

Luckily, I got to interview Jaden to find out more about him as a player and as a person. So, sit back, grab your favorite beverage, and enjoy this edition of the Barbour Shop.

CSZ - First, just let me say thanks for taking the time out. I know your busy.

JJ - You’re welcome.

CSZ - So, first question. How did you hear about Louisville? What drew your attention to the Cards?

JJ - I heard about Louisville a long time ago; I was like 6 or 7. When I did I just always knew about basketball, not really football, until Lamar Jackson won the Heisman trophy.

What really drew me to the Cardinals was how the program is well ran by the coaches, especially Coach Petrino. He’s a great coach to me and is very great with people. Also, things that drew me in was how the offense runs. I feel that I can see myself thriving in his system, maybe as a freshman, who knows.

CSZ - I think you’re game fits perfectly with his system. In fact, I’ve compared your abilities and style of play I saw in highlights to UofL great Teddy Bridgewater. Are there any players you’ve modeled your QB style of play after college or pro?

JJ - I’ve gotten some of my game from varieties of Quarterbacks like Lamar Jackson, Dak Prescott, Jameis Winston, and Steven “Air” McNair.

CSZ - A lot of people forget about just how good Steve McNair was in his prime. He made the Titans a relevant franchise in Tennessee.

JJ - Yeah I model my game after him a lot passing wise.

CSZ - Good player to model it after. Now I want you to scout yourself. What do you feel are your strengths as a QB and what do you feel are some things you want to work on?

JJ - Strengths:
1. I can make every throw on the field.
2.Good with moving the defense with my eyes.
3.Great running when I need to run!
4.Great mechanics when in the pocket and when it breaks down.

I only have 1 weakness and that is that the ball can seem to sail if I release too high. That’s the only weakness I have.

CSZ - The ability to move the defense with your eyes is something that really stood out to me outside your arm strength and accuracy. It’s why I compared you to Teddy. He was a master of that in his time here.

JJ - Yeah I work on that everyday because location, accuracy are very important.

CSZ - You’re definitely a student of the game. As far as in the classroom, do you have any idea what your major will be at UofL? Is there a career, outside of being an NFL QB, you would like to get into?

JJ - My goal is to major in sports medicine and minor in business. I’m really big on academics because I want to be able to have life after football in order to take care of myself.

CSZ - That’s wisdom beyond your years. That will allow you to still stay close to sports even after you’re done playing.

JJ - Yeah I have college planned out.

CSZ - So, you have clearly endeared yourself to Card Nation with your recruiting on social media and your tweets exalting the virtues of UofL to other recruits. Who are some recruits in your area you are talking to that UofL fans should know about? Also, are you friends with the current uncaged 19 commits and any of the recruits in the Louisville area?

JJ - I’ve reached out to a lot of guys. It’s so many I could barely name them really ??. Yes me and the guys are committed, we have a real brotherhood within each other. We have others backs; we’re very tight with each other.

Those 6 guys that are committed will be my brothers for life.

CSZ - I noticed the camaraderie. The picture of Aidan Robbins you posted was great.

Do you intend on signing during the early period in December?

JJ - Yes I’ll be signing in December. Me and another teammate of mines at my high school

CSZ - Awesome. I know the fans will love seeing that. Alright. We are done with the hard questions. Now, I got a few questions that may be a little silly to wrap up.

First one, you like star trek, star wars, or are you like star what?

JJ - Star wars type guy.

CSZ - Same. May the force be with you lol. You’re from Memphis which is home to 2 legendary artists: BB King and Elvis. Do you rock with the King of Rock and Roll or roll with the King of Blues?

JJ - I’m King of Blues, but I throw some Elvis in there a lot of times I’m cleaning up or feel like getting crazy like Elvis did.

CSZ - Nice. I’m a blues guy myself, but Elvis is well Elvis. His dad actually lived in Louisville.

Have you heard the song “Walking in Memphis?” If so, you think it’s trash or alright?

JJ - Walking in Memphis is that jam down here especially summer time. You’ll here some people play it in South Memphis

CSZ - Really? I never knew that. That’s cool to know. If I ever go down there, it’ll be on the playlist then. Speaking of playlist…3 favorite artists you listen to right now and one or two songs you listen to to get hype for a game.

JJ - Kodak Black- There He Go
Gucci Mane- Members Only
Kodak Black- U Ain’t Never

CSZ - We in Louisville know a
about Kodak because of Lamar.

What super power would you want and why? Aidan Robbins wanted invincibility so he could be untackleable and make defenders cry.

JJ - I would want telekinesis so I could move defenders or freeze them there.

CSZ - Perfect super power for a QB. Not to mention if a throw sails you can use it to guide the ball into the receivers hands.

Last question. One I’m sure you’ve seen on social media being hotly debated. In your opinion, is a hot dog a sandwich?

JJ - Right ??

No a hot dog is not a sandwich ?

CSZ - This answer is good and true lol. Well, Jaden I have got to say this interview was a lot of fun. You’re definitely a player Card fans are going to love. I learned some things I never knew before. I wish you luck for your upcoming senior season in high school and look forward to writing more about you as a Cardinal in the years to come. Thank you again.

JJ - You very much welcome too. This was the best interview I’ve done question wise!!!!

CSZ - Well, thank you! I appreciate that a ton. 


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