Two UofL Football Players Want Papa John’s Name Removed From Cardinal Stadium

Seth Dawkins

“Papa” John Schnatter has come under a storm of controversy after he admitted to using the N-word during a conference call. He resigned from the UofL Board of Trustees and from the position of chairman of the company he founded.

There is, however, another thorny issue that remains unresolved. His name adorns the football stadium UofL plays in and, by contract (click here for contract details), it will remain there in some form until at least 2040.

Many fans have already been calling for the removal of his name, but two even more important people are now voicing their belief it should be removed. UofL wide receivers Seth Dawkins and Jaylen Smith took to Twitter to let the world know they want John Schnatter’s name removed from the stadium.

Both are adamant that they want the stadium name changed as quickly as it can be. No one can blame them as the slur used was atrocious no matter the context it was used in. Most fans have been voicing the same thoughts as the players did here on social media and are supporting their call to remove Schnatter’s name.

UofL President Neeli Bendapudi has heard about the players calling for the removal of Schnatter’s name. Reporter Olivia Krauth from Insider Louisville tweeted this response from President Bendapudi during a press conference.

How this situation will be resolved, no one knows. With the contract, it appears it will be a long road to get the name removed. However, with two prominent members of the UofL Football team calling for its removal, the university President listening to and wanting to help them, and the fan base standing with the players, it looks as if some action will have to be taken.

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