UofL Football Picks Up Commitment From 2019 3 Star Zach Williamson

Zach Williamson
Photo Courtesy of Zach Williamson’s Twitter Account (@ZWilly32)

UofL Football picked up a commitment from 2019 3 Star DT/OL Zach Williamson out of Spring Valley High School in Huntington, WV.

The 6’6 275 lbs Williamson had offers from West Virginia, Pittsburgh, Duke, Vandy, and others.

Williamson is a two-way player in high school playing both OL and DL. He primarily plays DT and OT. His footwork and strength will make him valuable at either position.

In watching his Hudl highlights, there’s a lot to like about Williamson. As an OL, he is like many of the OL recruits UofL has recruited recently in that he’s a mauler. He absolutely loves pancaking defenders. In one highlight, he literally pushes a defender at least 15 yards down the field.

Williamson is athletic and he can be called upon to pull in a run blocking situation. His quick feet and agility allow him to get to his assignment and open a hole for the RB.

As a pass blocker, that agility and footwork allow him to stay in front of DL. His strong hands and upper body allow him to corral DL once he’s engaged in blocking them.

As a DL, all the traits he uses as an OL come into play. His hands and upper body strength allow him to disengage from blocks and make tackles. He can rip through blocks, discard the OL on the ground, and make the play.

His footwork and agility allows him to beat blockers to a spot and make it impossible for them to block him. He then devours RBs. These abilities also allow him to get leverage and get by blockers.

Just like he is as an OL, Williamson is a mauler as a DL. The guy swallows ball carriers with his massive grip. He doesn’t give up on plays, even if he is effectively blocked; working through the whistle to get free and make the tackle.

UofL has yet another versatile player. Whichever position he plays for UofL, he can be a solid player. Coach Petrino is showing he likes guys that can play multiple positions and Zach Williamson fits that bill. He’s a big, strong guy that will man the trenches for UofL on either side of the ball.

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