Louisville at Virginia: Postgame Recap

Entering today’s game, Louisville was sitting at 2-1 with a chance to move forward from their lackluster start and make a move in the right direction. Louisville not only failed on the scoreboard today, but a lot of the questions surrounding the team were answered in a way that everyone hoped was incorrect.

Louisville was beaten at Virginia today by a final score of 27-3. We saw both quarterbacks, Malik Cunningham and Puma Pass, prove to be ineffective and ill-prepared. Receivers drop passes that should undoubtedly be caught. A defense that lost its stinginess and confidence as the Hoos progressively wore them down. A coaching staff, that had a full week to prepare for this team behind Cunningham, look completely lost and out-coached. And a game so bad that I had to dig into my Kragthorpe memories to find a comparison.

Louisville was outgained by Virginia, 214 yards (148 yards passing, 66 yards rushing) to 401 yards (197 yards passing, 204 yards rushing. Louisville turned the ball over 3 times (2 interceptions, one by each quarterback, and a fumble) to Virginia’s 1 turnover, and interception by Rodjay Burns which led to Louisville’s only 3 points.

Today was a day to forget for Louisville football.

Up next: Louisville hosts Florida State next Saturday at 3:30pm.

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  1. I disagree with your last line. Today is a day they all need to remember clearly as they move forward. And hopefully it will prevent them from repeating their mistakes.

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