Weeknight Local High School Football Games To Check Out

With Fall break here and with Louisville football taking the field a day earlier than most, here is a list of games that football fans can use to kick their weekend off the right way. 


    DuPont Manual (4-2) VS St. Xavier (4-2)

        Friday October 5th 7:30pm @ St.Xavier

        3* RB – Aidan Robbins (Louisville Commit) out with a torn labrum


  Moore Mustangs (6-1) VS Western Warriors (0-7)

        Thursday October 4th 7:30pm @ Western 

        4* SDE – JJ Weaver 


    Fern Creek Tigers (3-4) VS Doss Dragons (1-5)

        Thursday October 4th 7:00pm @ Doss

        3* WDE – Shawnkel Knight-Goff

        3* SDE – Ricky Barber (WKU Commit)


Louisville Male Bulldogs (7-0) VS Bryan Station (0-6)

        Thursday October 4th 7:30 pm @ Bryan Station (Lexington)

        3* WR – Izayah Cummings (2020 target)


    Seneca Redhawks (0-6) VS Jeffersontown Chargers (2-5)

        Thursday October 4th 7:00pm @ Jeffersontown High School


My Game Of The Night!!! (Friday)

    Christian Academy of Louisville (6-0) VS DesSales Colts (6-0)

        Friday October 5th 7:30pm @ DeSales

        4* WR – Milton Wright 

        4* OT – John Young (2020 target)

        3* SDE –  Austin Collins (2020 target)


     Jeffersontown Chargers (2-5) VS Ballard Bruins (4-3)

        Friday October 12th 7:00pm @ Ballard

        4* ILB – Jared Casey

        3* WR – Elijah Downing

        3* WR/CB- Josh Minkins Jr. (2020 target)

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