UofL Football Visitor List: Georgia Tech

Louisville vs FSU (53 of 64)

UofL has a bunch of visitors for tonight’s blackout game against Georgia Tech. Check out the list below.


Name-Position-Height-High School-State

Rae’Von Vaden-QB-5’9-Moore High School-KY

Lorenzo White-QB-6’3-Baylor High School-TN

Aidan Robbins-RB-6’2-Manual High School-KY

U’Kari Baker-WR-6’0-Louisville Central High School-KY

De’Andre Caldwell-WR-6’0-Smyrna High School-TN

Tae Tae Crumes-WR-6’0-Butler HIgh School-KY

Tevin Shipp-WR-6’2-Smyrna High School-TN

Micaleous Elder-ATH-5’9-Blackman High School-TN

Kobe Okeke-ATH-6’1-Smyrna High School-TN

Jaden Wilson-ATH-5’11-Collins High School-KY

Jack Breedlove-K-5’7-Maynard Jackson High School-GA

Antoine Jamison-CB-5’9-Dunbar High School-OH

Martel Smith-CB-5’9-Dunbar High School-OH

Shamar Vanzant-DE/OLB-Siegel High School-TN

JJ Weaver-DE-6’6-Moore High School-KY

Khalil Wilson-DE-6’1-Siegel High School-TN

Ricky Barber-RSH/DT-6’2-Doss High School-KY

Marlon Alexander-DT-6’0-Smyrna High School-TN

Devon Dillehay-LB-6’2-Northeast High School-TN

Jackson Juett-LB-6’0-Madison Central High School-KY

Cooper Lewis-LB-6’2-Baylor High School-TN

Ramon Puryear Jr.-LB-6’1-Eastern High School-KY

Jordan Camero-OLB-6’3-Dunbar High School-OH

Jacob Dingle-SAF-6’0-Trinity High School-KY


Name-Position-Height-High School-State

Nathan Stotts-OT-6’4-Louisville Male High School-KY

Chaz Burks-QB-6’1-Butler High School-KY

Luke Duby-QB-6’2-Tates Creek High School-KY

Terrance Hearn-QB-5’10-Ballard High School-KY

Malik Bowen-WR-6’2-Mt. Juliet High School-TN

Jordan Watkins-WR-5’10-Butler High School-KY

Reggie Grimes II-ATH-6’5-Mt. Juliet High School-TN

Quentin Knight-ATH-6’0-Clay Central High School-AL

Tyler Lansden-ATH-6’2-Smyrna High School-TN

Jailen Johnson-CB-5’10-Hillcrest High School-AL

Josh Minkins Jr-CB-6’2-Ballard High School-KY

Vito Tisdale-DB-6’1-Bowling Green High School-KY

Dallas Walker-DE-6’3-Smyrna High School-TN

Ryan Jackson-DT-6’2-Friendship Christian-TN

Aaron Moore-LB-6’2-Oakland High School-KY

Hosea Knifeley-LB-6’2-Butler High School-KY

Shi Keem Laister-SAF-6’2-Chilton County High School-AL


Name-Position-Height-High School-State

Brandon Wright-ATH-6’2-Dunbar High School-OH


Name-Position-Height-High School-State

Keemanuel Ligget-DB-Cane Ridge-TN


Name-Position-Height-High School-State

Elijah Pankey-SAF-6’1-Hutchinson CC-KS


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