Louisville at Syracuse: Postgame Recap

The Louisville Cardinals set a record tonight. I wish the article stopped there, but sadly it doesn’t. For the first time in program history, Louisville has allowed its opponent to score 50 points in 3 straight games. Tonight, it was Syracuse’s turn as the Orange steamrolled the Cards to a tune of 54-23.

I would put some stats in here, but they don’t really matter anyway. Louisville played 3 quarterbacks in the game, including two series from walk-on Sean McCormack to end the first half and aside from a couple “excuse me” touchdowns, each quarterback had the same effectiveness. None. The defense was absolutely torched again. The effort was there at times, but the discipline and fortitude were lacking.

In short, tonight’s game followed the same trend as most games have this season. We’ve been saying the same thing for weeks about the coaching staff and things still aren’t changing. Why wait to make a change? I know there are obvious reasons to wait, but there are more reasons to just rip the bandaid(s) off right now. The players and the fans deserve more.

Up next: Louisville hosts NC State on Saturday.

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