Cards Picked Up Another Commit From 2019 GA OL Joshua Black

Joshua Black
Photo Courtesy of @BlackSJoshua Twitter Account

Sunday was a day full of commitments from 2019 prospects for Scott Satterfield and the UofL Football staff. They continued to shore up the offensive line with the addition of 3 Star GA OL Joshua Black.

The 6’4 270 lbs Black played for Stephenson High School in Stone Mountain, GA. He was originally a Georgia Tech commit. He also had offers from Tennessee, South Carolina, Wake Forest, Western Kentucky, and Florida Atlantic, among others. Offensive Coordinator and OL Coach Dwayne Ledford was his primary recruiter according to 247sports.

Black’s highlights are pretty impressive. He played on both sides of the ball in high school, but he will likely be on the offensive side of the ball. OT was the primary spot on the line that Black played and he was excellent. He displayed many attributes that will make him a very good offensive lineman for Coach Ledford and Coach Satterfield.

Quickness and Speed

For as big as he is, Black is quick, agile, and surprisingly fast. When his blocking assignment required him to get up field and block at the second level, Black would be there unbelievably quickly; taking out LBs and Safeties. When he was asked to block the outside for a jet sweep, Black was blocking and running down the field staying in front of the ball carrier and providing escort. This attribute is quite a unique trait for an OL.

Great Get Off At Snap of Ball

It’s important for an OL to be able to quickly get out of his stance and into blocking position. Black does this very well. He shoots off the line at the snap of the ball like a bat out of Hell; this is a byproduct of his quickness. It allows him to get the jump and the leverage on defenders. You see numerous times Black almost take defenders by surprise when he blocks them because he is gets off the ball so quickly.

Strength and Power

Black’s strength and power are not sacrificed for the sake of quickness and agility. To the contrary, they are enhanced by it. Like many of UofL’s recent OL commits and signees, Black is a mauler; sending defenders backwards once he engages in a block. In one highlight, he had a beautiful pancake block; sending a defender flailing onto their back. He gets great push, often making contact with a defender and driving them 5-10 yards down the field and sometimes into the ground.

Great Footwork

Black is very good at knowing where his feet need to be depending on who he is blocking. He has a very quick first step, it’s always on balance, and it’s always the correct step. It will make him ideal in a zone blocking scheme, which Scott Satterfield likes to utilize.

Satterfield came into a situation where the depth along the offensive line is very thin. With this first recruiting class, he is seeking to rectify this issue. A player like Joshua Black goes a long way in helping the situation. He’s a player that can likely be ready to step in if called upon this season. He has excellent agility, footwork, and strength. Joshua Black should thrive under Dwayne Ledford and Scott Satterfield.


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