UofL Football Picks Up Commitment From 3 Star GA QB Tee Webb

Tee Webb
Photo Courtesy of @teewebb9 Twitter Account

Scott Satterfield and the UofL staff have been out recruiting hard recently and their efforts paid off with their third 2020 commit. Tee Webb, a 6’4 185 lbs 3 star QB from Cartersville, GA, committed to UofL last night.

Webb actually backed up current Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence at Cartersville High School. He chose UofL over offers from Kansas State, Georgia Tech, Miami, and Syracuse, among others.

Starting for the first time last year, Webb completed 58.5% of his passes for 2726 yards and 35 TDs. He also threw 10 interceptions. He rushed for 137 yards and 4 TDs per 247sports.

In viewing his highlights, Webb is a definitely a pass first QB with the ability to run when needed. His arm strength is NFL caliber and, though his completion percentage may not reflect it, he’s actually quite accurate. Keep in mind this was his first year as a starter and his numbers will likely improve next year with a year of experience under his belt. Here are some of the detailed skills I saw in Webb’s highlights.

Arm Strength

Arm strength is the first thing that jumps out about Webb. As stated above, Webb has NFL caliber arm strength. He effortlessly throws the ball 40-50 yards down the field. He can wing it on out routes as well. His throws aren’t wobbly goblins either. They are nice, tight spirals. With the run heavy style Satterfield likes, it should make the play-action pass a deadly weapon and Webb has the ability to bomb away when a defense creeps up in the box to stop the run. One other aspect of his arm strength is throwing on the run. In one highlight, he’s sprinting to his right, he throws a ball about 45 yards in the air perfectly to his wide open WR and the WR took it the rest of the way for a TD. It was beautiful.

Pass Accuracy 

Yes, he only completed 58.5% of his passes, but I think Webb is much more accurate than that number suggests. The film shows it and I expect his completion percentage to be higher this coming season. He puts the ball on the money and with touch quite often. There’s a nice play-action under center where he fakes and throws a nice lob pass perfectly for a TD. His deep throws are always perfectly placed over the defense and he quite often hits his receivers in stride allowing for runs after the catch. He can also throw darts deep over the middle or on slants and put it where only his receiver can catch it. What really interests me is his accuracy on the run. As mentioned above, he threw a beautiful deep pass while sprinting to his right for a long TD. It was a perfectly thrown ball that hit the WR in stride. Of course, it was one of a few throws he made on the move. I really like this part of his game.

Pocket Presence/Awareness/Mobility

Another skill I love about Webb is how he operates in the pocket. Webb is not a guy bothered by pressure. In one highlight, when he senses pressure coming from behind he calmly moves up in the pocket, avoids the pressure, and delivers a nice throw over the middle. He stands tall in the pocket and keeps on his toes. Webb is not afraid to take a hit to complete a pass. In one highlight, he gets hammered, but delivers a dart to a receiver down the seam. It was in stride and for a TD. Also, he always has two hands on the ball until he begins his throwing motion which is a wonderful fundamental to have.

Good Release and Ability to Throw From Different Arm Angles

Webb has a quick, high release on most of his throws. He’s not a sidearm thrower from what I can tell. However, if he needs to throw it sidearm in order to get the right angle to complete a pass, he can do so. He doesn’t wind up to throw, but he does cock the ball back on some deep throws. From time to time, he can also deliver nice throws with a snap of the wrist like Teddy used to.

Running Ability

Webb is not Lamar Jackson or Malik Cunningham as a runner, but I believe he can be an effective runner in Satterfield’s offense. He has a few nice jukes and enough speed that he can probably pick up a few first downs and a TD every now and then. Satterfield likes to run a read option from time to time and Webb is very capable of running it effectively.

Tee Webb is a QB that will give UofL a big, accurate arm to deliver the bombs once the tanks in the backfield pave the way through the defense rushing the ball. I think he will be very effective off play-action and his ability to throw accurately and deeply on the run will make him hard to defend. His numbers this past year were decent, but his obvious talent leads me to believe those numbers across the board will rise. He has a great fundamental base to build on and once he gets stronger he has potential to be a great college QB. Time will tell of course, but Scott Satterfield seems to have found a gem in Tee Webb.


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