Jamon Brown Foundation And Atlanta Falcons Helping Children In Liberia With Health Care

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Jamon Brown Foundation and Atlanta Falcons Partner to assist over 800 kids with Health Care in the Bongo Village of Liberia

The Jamon Brown Organization and the Atlanta Falcons Organization are donating a total of $2400 which helps assist over 800 children in the Bongo County Village, in Liberia. These funds will go toward healthcare that includes medical resources that test for malaria, cholera, cancer, and more, all of which these children are dealing with on a daily basis.

The JBF and Falcons partners in this initiative is “Community Partnerships International” if you want to look at their Facebook page. The director’s name is Winnie Boling and we are using our platform to bring more awareness to these children and what they are facing! To donate to the Jamon Brown Foundation and help assist with this and other initiatives, text “Jamon” to 502-890-9779.



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