Two Weeks Untill Football Season is Back!

Louisville Football

WE OFFICALLY HAVE TWO WEEKS UNTILL LOUISVILLE CARDINAL FOOTBALL! I REPEAT WE ARE TWO WEEKS FROM LOUISVILLE CARDINAL FOOTBALL! I have been waiting, which seems like far too long, to hear that train sound inside  the Cardinal Stadium. We are also two weeks from hearing Sean Moth saying  “That play is gooood for another Cardinal first down!”.

This will be the first time in five years I won’t have to look at Bobby Petrino across the sidelines and see that smerk.

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I am ready to see Coach Satterfield’s visor. I’m also curious to see the sidelines bopping when Offense and Defense are helping one another out. These players are ready to feed off one another because the culture around this program has changed tremendously. You can see the change through social media and interviews.

This off season has felt longer than a year. I have missed my second home for Saturdays. I have spent Saturdays in Cardinal Stadium over half my life. My second home has brought me many memories from being able to watch Cardinals play on the field before moving to on to Sunday night football with their professional careers.  I have watched great men like from Dave Ragone to Teddy Bridgewater to Lamar Jackson.

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Cardinal Stadium always has a variety of food options I like to try each week. This year, I might be sticking to Chick Fil A on Saturdays. Chick Fil A in Cardinal Stadium is something I think a lot of people have been waiting for like me and I can’t wait for it! As you can tell, I like to eat when I’m at the game, but who doesn’t? I credit Gramps Jeff Nunn for catching me off guard eating my pizza during that dreadful Kentucky game where I needed pizza to drown those sorrows.

Editors note:

(you can catch this live at every game this year!)

Two more weeks till tailgating and spending time with my tailgating crew of Damon Quire (@Damon_UofL), Kyle Gnau (@_OrGnau), and Greg Quire. These guys  have continued to be brothers since my freshman year at UofL. They also are die hard fans just like me. We went to every game last year rain or shine. Who can forget the great Monsoon against Indiana State last year? Last year we even had the pleasure of tailgating with a Cardinal great, Harry Douglas. He shared a lot of inside information to me about the Falcons and his career as a Cardinal. I can’t wait to see him at a tailgate again this year!

This season is a starting new era and a new year. I’m ready to see how this year folds out. I’ll be up with the Collision Course Tailgating this year, so come check us out!! If you see me, don’t be afraid, I promise I won’t eat your food. I’m ready to make more memories and cheer on the school I went to and have loved since the day I was born. Go Cards!!

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