Welcome To The Ville: Aidan Igiehon (Video)

The latest UofL Men’s Basketball player to be featured in the “Welcome to the Ville” vignettes is everyone’s favorite Irish Hulk, Aidan Igiehon. Igiehon is an athletic and hulkish C from Ireland that played his high school ball in NY.

In the video, Igiehon talks about how he looked up to his older brother and had his heart set on playing the sport his brother played before he grew a foot in 2013, which changed plans. What sport was it? Watch the video to find out.

He then discusses how basketball almost seemed to come naturally to him, how his mother is his inspiration to play ball, and the three words that best describe him (one is actually “large”).

There is a very interesting story behind why he chooses to wear the number 22. It’s not one of the more common reasons like favorite number or because a parent wore it when they played their sport. You’ll have to watch the video to find out exactly why, but it does involve a date.

Aidan then discusses his recruitment, specifically his official visit to “Louisville Live.” The crowd made an indelible impression on Igiehon as he mentions the crowd chanting, “We want Aidan.” Igiehon mentions that he actually committed well before he announced it publicly and he discusses facetiming Coach Mack to tell him he was committing. What happens after he tells him is pretty hilarious and you will want to listen to Aidan tell the story.

Finally, he discusses the differences between high school and college now that he is a college athlete. He discusses the fact that there’s a lot of learning and that he’s doing his best to absorb it all.

Click the tweet below to see the full video of Aidan. These have all been magnificent ways to introduce fans to the new players. Enjoy.

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