Football Pressers 9-10-19 (Video)

UofL Football made Offensive Coordinator and Offensive Line Coach Dwayne Ledford, redshirt junior OL Robbie Bell, and redshirt sophomore OL Caleb Chandler available to the press after practice today. Each one of them talked about an array of topics. Continue below for the videos of them speaking and to read a synopsis of what they discussed.

Dwayne Ledford 

Dwayne Ledford discusses a myriad of topics. Among them, he talks about:

  • the maturity of his offensive line
  • the three pillars he wants them to focus on
  • the rotation of the C position between TJ McCoy and Cole Bentley and why it is being done
  • the play of Renato Brown and Adonis Boone when they got in against EKU
  • the play of the Javian Hawkins and Hassan Hall at the RB position
  • how he is trying to build depth on the offensive line and how he wants his linemen to be versatile.

Robbie Bell

Robbie Bell discusses a myriad of things as well. Among the topics:

  • his feelings on returning to the lineup and starting
  • how hard he and the rest of his fellow offensive linemen are working to be the best they can on the field
  • the work it took to get the offensive line from being a perceived weak point of the team to arguably one of its greatest strengths
  • the differences in the scheme the offensive linemen run now compared to what they ran under the previous regime
  • the regimen of drill the coaches use to teach them
  • the improvements that the line can still make to get even better than they have been (this you will want to listen to for sure)
  • blocking for Javian Hawkins and how it compares to blocking for former UofL QB Lamar Jackson
  • the improvement of Jawon Pass in the run game

Caleb Chandler 

Caleb Chandler discussed many topics. Among them:

  • trying to get better especially in two particular areas.
  • how the offensive line has a chip on its shoulder and that it is helping motivate them.
  • what has changed about the offense for the offensive line specifically under the new staff.
  • the three pillars that Ledford had talked about before and how the offensive line is constantly drilled on them every day.
  • if there is any difference for the rest of the offensive line when TJ McCoy and Cole Bentley are rotated in and out at C.
  • what it is like to block for RBs Javian Hawkins and Hassan Hall.


Press Release:

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – University of Louisville head coach Scott Satterfield looked at his offensive line depth when he first took the job, and wondered how he was going to get through the season.

Well, after two games, the offensive line has spearheaded a rushing attack that is tops in the Atlantic Coast Conference. It has totaled 571 yards, good enough rank ninth in the country in that category.

“I really like the maturity of the guys,” offensive line coach Dwayne Ledford said.  “I’ve been pleased with how they have gone about their preparations. We are going to continue to work on everything. I was really impressed how they are really into the game plan.”

Heading into the season, Satterfield stressed the importance of running the ball, but with two starters returning, there was a lot of uncertainty about how to accomplish the head coach’s wishes.

“They want to do well,” Ledford stated.” It’s such a joy as a coach. I’ve been pleased with how they want to get better. We are starting this whole thing together. We are still trying to get to know one another, but as we continue to work together, you can see the improvement.”

A lot of the improvement can be pointed to the development of running back Javian Hawkins, a redshirt freshman from Titusville, Fla.

Hawkins has been a surprise for the Cardinals and is fourth in the league with 245 yards on the ground and is tied for the national lead with three runs of over 40 yards.  With Hawkins and Hall leading the way, the Cardinals are averaging 6.7 yards per carry.

“Everything has changed,” guard Caleb Chandler said. “Literally everything.”

Ledford, who is widely considered one of the nation’s top offensive line coaches, has preached consistency all through camp, and his words have shown up each and every day at practice.

“We do the same drills and work the same techniques every single day, we don’t mix up,” Bell said. “It lets us keep polishing things and get better at them so it’s second nature.”

The first-year line coach has drilled three things into his offensive linemen since the start of spring practice: Speed off the ball, toughness and finish. The players have heard those things in their sleep, but it has been the key to the early season success.

“He wants us to do those three things and the play will be fine if we do those three things,” Chandler said.

Chandler is first to say, while the offensive line has been better after two games, they have benefitted from the speed of Hawkins and Hall. The two speedsters are averaging a combined 180 yards per game and are hitting the holes hard.

“They find the holes and their eye awareness is so good,” Chandler said. “You don’t have to have a perfect block for them to get through. They are amazing.”


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