Uniform Report: Louisville Vs WKU

Louisville Football has unveiled the uniform the team will wear this week in their matchup against in-state rival WKU. Like last week, it is a traditional look, but with a twist I think most will enjoy.

The Cards are the nominal road team in this neutral field battle. Therefore, they will wear their white jerseys with red lettering, red numbers, and white wings on the sleeves outlined and accented in black and red. The pants are the traditional red pants with the old english L on the thigh. The socks are white with the black Adidas logo and the cleats are white with red Adidas logos and red strings and accents.

As far as accessories, the gloves are red with a white Adidas logo. The sweat bands come in two colors: white and red. The red one features a white Adidas logo while the white one features a red one.

Normally, the helmet would be included in the paragraphs above, but today it gets its own special paragraph. As you can see, the Cards have a new helmet! It’s red, which as a personal preference I love. However, it is not the chromed out look we are accustomed to. It’s more akin to their white helmets as far as finish. Also, the Cardinal Head decal is different. While it remains white, as it was on the chrome version of the red helmet, it now is larger. In fact, it is exactly the same style of Cardinal Head decal used on the black helmets.

Red, white, red. The Cards are ready to paint the city of Nashville red come Saturday.

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