Uniform Report: Louisville Vs Virginia

Louisville will be rocking a brand new look this week for their home game against Virginia. It’s a uniform combo that we haven’t seen before: red helmet, black jersey, red pants.

This is yet another first time uniform combo for the year. The helmet is the same red one that debuted earlier this year; red with a red facemask and a red Cardinal head outlined in white.

The jersey is the same black one the Cards wore against Notre Dame. It is black with white lettering and numbers outlined in red. The wings on the shoulders are black outline in red and accented with white. There is a white Adidas logo patch on the upper left chest and on the right there is an ACC patch; a red football with white ACC logo. There is also a college football 150 patch.

The pants are the standard red pants with a white old English L on the upper, outer thigh of the pant leg.

The cleats are solid black with an white Adidas logo on one side of it and three stripes on the other side of it. Socks are black with a white Adidas logo.

Accessories include towels, gloves, arm sleeves, sweatbands, and wrist sweatbands. The arm sleeves are black with a white Adidas logo, the wrist sweatbands come in black with a red Adidas logo or red with a black one, sweatbands are red with black Adidas logo, the gloves are black with red accents and a white Adidas logo on the back, and the towel is white with a black Adidas logo.

Louisville will take the field against Virginia Saturday with a very cool look. While the weather doesn’t look as good as the gear the Cards will be wearing, the hope is their play will look as good.

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