Men’s Basketball Polls: 12-23-19

The polls are out just ahead of the big rivalry game between Louisville and Kentucky this Saturday. This week there is yet another new number 1 as Gonzaga moves into the top spot in both polls after Kansas lost to Villanova on the road in a tightly contested contest.

Louisville stayed at 3 in the AP Poll and moved up a spot to 4 in the Coaches Poll. Their next opponent, the Wildcats of Kentucky, dropped numerous spots in both polls to 19th after going 0-2 last week against a bad Utah team and the now number 2 Ohio State Buckeyes. What do the rest of the top 10 look like in the polls? Let’s take a look.

AP Poll

As mentioned above, Gonzaga moved into the number 1 slot while Ohio State jumped into the 2 spot, vaulting Louisville and Duke. Louisville remained at 3 and Duke remained at 4. Kansas, after a close loss on the road at 10th ranked Villanova, dropped from 1st to 5th.

The rest of the top 10 is as follows: Oregon checks in at 6, Baylor at 7, Auburn at 8, Memphis at 9, and the aforementioned Nova team at 10. The biggest mover of this group is Villanova who moved 8 spots into the top 10.

Each of the top 4 teams received first place votes in the poll. Gonzaga grabbed the majority with 54 while Ohio State got 9. Louisville and Duke each received a single first place vote.

USA TODAY Coaches Poll

Gonzaga took the top spot in the coaches poll as well. Ohio State also vaulted from 4th to 2nd on the strength of a win over Kentucky. Duke remains at 3 while Louisville did move up a spot to 4. Kansas, as they did the AP Poll, moved from 1st to 5th.

The rest of the top 10 has Baylor at 6, Oregon at 7, Auburn at 8, Villanova at 9, and Memphis at 10. The two biggest movers in this group are Baylor and Nova as they both jumped up 5 spots.

Only three teams received first place votes in this poll. Obviously, the Zags picked up the majority with 23 followed by Ohio State with 7. Surprisingly, it was 4th ranked Louisville picking up the other first place votes with 2.

Louisville will look to advance up the polls by winning their only game this week, the rivalry game at 19th ranked Kentucky. The Cards haven’t had any luck in Rupp Arena, with their last win there coming in 2008. They look to change their fortunes there at 3:45 PM EST. You can watch the game on WLKY/CBS.

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