Fitzpatrick Brothers Give An Exclusive Interview To Someone They Know Well (Video)

As many of you know, the House Fitzpatrick will rule the WR roost for Louisville Football for at least another 3-4 years as Dez Fitzpatrick’s younger brother Christian signed with the Cards in December. The 3 Star 6’4 receiver will likely play some his freshman season because of his talent. However, just recently Dez announced he will be returning for his senior season which means the Louisville Football WR corps will be led by a dual monarchy.

The Fitzpatrick brothers will surely play together at some point in the season which is a dream they both share. However, what else do they share? Who is the faster one? Who’s funnier? If you all have wondered about these things, the Fitzpatrick brothers happen to have a sister named Monica and she has a YouTube channel. On her channel, she interviewed her brothers and asked the hard hitting questions so the Louisville fan base can get to know their star receivers a little better.

To check out the very fun and informative interview, check out the video below. You’ll enjoy it. Trust me.

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