Donovan Mitchell Is An NBA All-Star

“If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re now an All-Star…”

In an emotional letter from his mother, Nicole, Donovan Mitchell found out that he was selected to be an NBA All Star.

The letter details a mother’s trust in her son’s convictions. From choosing Louisville to attending NBA workouts, she writes of Donovan’s accomplishments, noting that parents don’t always know what’s best.

In his third season, Mitchell’s stats have continued to improve. He’s scoring 24.6 points a game, grabbing 4.2 rebounds and dishing out 4.3 assists. Mitchell leads the Utah Jazz in scoring and sits at 13th in the league.

Donovan Mitchell is not the only Jazz player to earn the honor. A year after being snubbed, Rudy Gobert is joining Mitchell in Chicago.

“I didn’t expect to be in the NBA,” Mitchell said. “To not only be here but to be on a team like this, to be an All-Star and to represent my team with Rudy is such a blessing.”

The Utah Jazz are currently 4th in the Western Conference with a 32 – 15 record.

Donovan Mitchell is the sixth former Louisville player to be named an NBA All-Star.

Louisville’s NBA All-Stars

Wes Unseld – 5x NBA All Star (1969, ’71, ’72, ’73 & ’75)

Jim Price – 1975

Butch Beard – 1972

Chuck Noble – 1960

Jack Coleman – 1955

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