Louisville Men’s Basketball Had Some Big Recruits In Town This Weekend

Louisville Men’s Basketball already has a 2021 commit in Bryce Hopkins. However, they are now looking to start recruiting the 2021 class in earnest. With that in mind, Louisville had a big time group of 2021 visitors and one 2022 visitor on campus this weekend. Let’s take a look at these recruits below.

2021 Recruits

Aminu Mohammed

Aminu Mohammed
Photo Courtesy of Jon Lopez/Nike
  • Position: SG/SF
  • Height: 6’4 
  • Weight: 175 lbs
  • High School: Greenwood Laboratory School
  • Hometown: Washington DC
  • Rating: 5 Star
  • National Rank: 14th
  • Position Rank: 4th
  • Schools Being Considered: Louisville, Maryland, Indiana, and Kansas State, among others

Mohammed is a very good athlete with good leaping ability, quickness, and agility. He displays good court vision which contributes to his good passing. An adept ball handler, he can get anywhere on the court he wishes with the ball in his hands. His athletic ability allows him to finish around the rim with traffic around him and through contact. The shooting stroke he has from both the arc and the mid-range are what make him a potential one-and-done. When I watch his highlights I see a better shooting David Johnson. I think he could potentially play some PG for Mack, but seems like an ideal fit for the 2 guard spot.

Landing Mohammed would truly be a very big get for Mack and the staff. It will be hard to pry him away from Maryland. I think they are the top competition for Aminu Mohammed at this point.

Trey Kaufman

Trey Kaufman
Photo Courtesy of Jody Demling/247sports
  • Position: PF
  • Height: 6’8
  • Weight: 210 lbs
  • High School: Silver Creek
  • Hometown: Sellersburg, IN
  • Rating: 4 Star
  • National Rank: 62nd
  • Position Rank: 15th
  • Schools Being Considered: Louisville, Indiana, Purdue, and Xavier, among others

Kaufman is exactly the kind of stretch 4 I think Mack envisions in his system. Offensively, he is not just athletically gifted, but skilled. Kaufman can fly both down the court and in the air. However, he’s tough and smart. Kaufman has a nice post-up game and is equally adept both with his back to the basket and facing it. He has a nice little hook shot. If a team tries to double Kaufman in the post, he can find the open man and pass the ball beautifully. His passing is reminiscent of guys like Francisco Garcia, David Padgett, and Gorgui Dieng. He’s patient and very good at hitting cutters for easy buckets. He can face up and hit mid-range jumpers or take his man off the dribble to the rim. Kaufman has a nice shot from beyond the arc and can be a reliable 3-point shooter. If teams close out hard on him, he can shot fake and blow by the defender. Kaufman is a very good rebounder on both ends and is very strong with the ball. His motor is always revving which makes him the tenacious rebounder that he is.  Defensively, his length and leaping ability could make him a good shot blocker; especially coming from off the ball.

Getting Kaufman to become a Card would be a huge win. A skilled, athletic 6’8 guy is not exactly easy to find. In essence, he’s a hometown kid and Louisville is putting the full court press on to land him. Purdue seems to be the biggest competition for this excellent player right now, but his interest in Louisville seems strong.

Efton Reid

Efton Reid
Photo Courtesy of @BigShotsNation
  • Position: PF/C
  • Height: 7’0
  • Weight: 245 lbs
  • High School: Steward School
  • Hometown: Richmond, VA
  • Rating: 5 Star
  • National Rank: 18th
  • Position Rank: 6th
  • Schools Being Considered: Louisville, Virginia, Maryland, and Virginia Tech, among others

Efton Reid doesn’t have overwhelming athleticism. Instead, he uses fundamentals and IQ matched with good footwork and touch to be a really good offensive player. He works best with his back to the basket. He has a nice right handed hook shot. Reid is a big body that should be able to block out and do well on the boards. He can hit some jumpers and his shot looks good enough that he may be able to extend his range a bit to the 3-point line. He has to get quicker laterally to be a good defender under Mack’s system. With Mack favoring hard hedges on ball screens, Reid must be able to get there and then recover quickly to his man. I think with the footwork he displays offensively, Mike Pegues should be able to help him develop a variety of low post moves. He doesn’t mind playing a physical brand of basketball.  He reminds me a lot of Samardo Samuels, but he’s a better finisher around the rim and a good passer. Reid is able to be a distributor from the post. Mack’s system is very dependent on this skill. His bigs have to be able to get the ball to open men on the perimeter when the defense helps on Reid. He definitely fits the type of C Mack likes with his 4 out and 1 in system. He can be a post scorer, post passer, and good rebounder. He won’t be a great shot blocker, but he should disrupt shots with his length and walling up. He has a decent shot which could allow him to be a pick-and-poo guy. 

There is some stiff competition for Reid. It appears Virginia are the front runners for this Virginia native. Reid is a big, space eating, skilled C. I expect Mack to press hard for this big man with a ton of skill.

Blake Wesley

Blake Wesley
Photo Courtesy of 247sports
  • Position: SG
  • Height: 6’4
  • Weight: 170
  • High School: Riley 
  • Hometown: South Bend, IN
  • Rating: 4 Star
  • National Rank: 84th
  • Position Rank: 17th
  • Schools Being Considered: Louisville, Cincinnati, Indiana, Purdue, Xavier, Notre Dame, and Iowa, among others

Wesley was just offered on his visit this weekend.

This 4 Star talent is right in the range that Louisville has found many of their most successful players. Wesley has a very good shot with a smooth stroke. His range is easily well beyond the current college 3-point line. He can catch-and-shoot or shoot off a rhythm dribble. He can also pull up in transition for a 3 ball. Wesley’s shooting ability means teams will play him more tightly on the perimeter and close out aggressively. Wesley uses shot fakes and a variety of other fakes out of the triple threat stance to get the defender off balance. He then uses a quick first step to get by the defender and to the rim. Despite a slight frame right now, Wesley is a tough finisher around the rim. He can make shots in traffic and despite contact. His ability to drive and finish around the rim is something that this year’s iteration of the Cards is lacking. Wesley is a willing passer as well, especially on the break, but his value comes in the form of shooting and scoring.

It seems likely Wesley is looking to stay close to home. This would seem to make Purdue and Notre Dame two schools with a very good chance at him. However, with likely available playing time, I can see Louisville being a landing spot. His talent is definitely something Louisville could use in 2021 and is probably why they offered him on his visit this weekend. I believe Louisville will be in on Wesley until the end of his recruitment. Too early to tell if Louisville is truly in an advantageous spot to get his commitment. 

2022 Recruit 

Rodney Rice

Rodney Rice
Photo Courtesy of 247sports/Jon Lopez/Nike
  • Position: SG
  • Height: 6’4
  • Weight: 175 lbs
  • High School: The Bullis School
  • Hometown: Potomac, MD
  • Rating: 4 Star
  • National Rank: 56th
  • Position Rank: 12th
  • Schools Being Considered: Virginia Tech, Seton Hall, Penn State, Illinois, and Georgetown, among others. (Louisville just started showing interest)

Rice is listed as a SG, but his court vision and passing make me believe he’s more of a combo guard that can play the PG or SG position. Off the ball, he can be an excellent catch-and-shoot 3-point shooter. However, he isn’t limited to that as he can slash to the rim and finish. When need be, he will make the extra pass as well. With the ball in his hands, Rice is a maestro. He can virtually get to anywhere he wants to on the court. And he can score from anywhere on the offensive end; from beyond the arc, from anywhere inside it, and at the rim. His crossover is deadly and his so is his step back shot. He sometimes combines the two to get wide open 3s. Rice is a guy that can make 3s off curls, off the dribble, and off a dish from a driving G to the wing or corner. He understands how to vary his speeds as a dribbler to create space and driving lanes. His athleticism is excellent allowing him to be a great finisher around the rim on drives. He’s a very good passer as well. He sees the floor so well and will make pinpoint passes for easy shots for his teammates.

While Louisville hasn’t offered yet, it’s obviously early for this 2022 player. I expect Louisville will eventually offer because his size and game are excellent and his potential is through the roof. I really like this young man’s game and hope he becomes one of the first members of the 2022 class.  

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