CSZ Interview With 2021 Louisville Women’s Basketball Commit Payton Verhulst

We here at CSZ like to give you as much awesome content as possible and today we feel like we did just that. We were able to procure an interview with Louisville Women’s Basketball’s newest commit Payton Verhulst. She answers a variety of recruiting, basketball, and personal questions. Check out our interview below and enjoy getting to know UofL Commit Payton Verhulst.

CSZ: Who was your main recruiter at Louisville?

PV: The main coach I stayed in contact with over the years is coach Sam Purcell. I really spent a lot of time getting to know the whole staff though. Once I got used to getting on the phone with them it was super easy to talk to all of them.

CSZ: That’s great, coach Sam Purcell is quite the fan favorite and although it’s her first year on the Louisville bench coach Pineda is gaining quite a following herself. Especially with her cartwheels after recruits commit.

CSZ: What stood out the most for you about Louisville, more than any of the other programs that recruited you?

PV: I’ve known the Louisville staff for a long time. Ever since I went to the camp in 7th grade, we’ve been in contact. I think the biggest thing that stood out to me was they saw the potential I had and put the work in to recruit me all the way up til I committed. It was the effort and care they put into recruiting me and building a great relationship with me and my family that set them apart from the others. I just knew it was a perfect fit for me.

CSZ: Can you give the fans a little insight on who you are as a person?

PV: I come from a pretty big family of six kids. Two older brothers, an older sister, and two younger sisters. I love spending time around and with people.

CSZ: What is your favorite hobby off of the court and your favorite snack?

PV: My favorite snack is probably cheezits or anything with cheese. I love Mac & cheese, grilled cheese, cheesy fries etc. I really love to take pictures and I love to eat.

CSZ: Back to basketball, what is your favorite go to move on the basketball court?

PV: My favorite move on the court is probably the spin near the basket.

CSZ: Ok, that’s pretty impressive.

CSZ: What are you looking forward to the most about your upcoming senior season?

PV: I am really hoping to set an example for the underclassmen and be as welcoming as possible. I want to be a trustworthy captain and also an accountable one. The biggest goal for us as a team is to win state.

CSZ: Pretty straightforward goals, and with you at the helm I’m sure the state title is in your future.

CSZ: Ok Payton, last but not least. How have you been keeping busy during the quarantine?

PV: I have been spending time with my sisters. We mostly play board games and go outside and play this game called spike ball or slammo. We also like to get games of 1v1 and 2v2 in on our court. Our family loves to play card games and watch movies together. And we LOVE POPCORN.

CSZ: 1v1 games? Who wins most of the 1v1 and 2v2 games?

PV: Since I have a large family, we play mostly 2v2. I’m usually paired up with my older sister Ashton who is going to Central Florida next year, so we win 90% of the time. My brothers Dalton and Quinton both played a little college basketball, but Quinton is currently finishing up bootcamp for the Army. So, Dalton is only brother still around to play. He’s still a good player, but doesn’t play much defense. And my dad is big and can post us up, but isn’t very mobile, if you know what I mean! My mom, who played at Duke several years ago, can still shoot and dribble, but usually stays away from the 2v2 games. She’s to competitive and refuses to lose!

CSZ: Wow, your family is very athletic and competitive. I love the scouting breakdown you gave on your family.

CSZ: So for most if not all of the people in Louisville, give us a little more information on spike ball.

PV: Spike ball is 2v2 and is similar to volleyball rules, but is played with a smaller ball. Instead of a net, you bounce it off a mini trampoline type thing. It’s very fast paced and competitive around our house. It’s also good exercise and a break from basketball.

CSZ: Spike ball sounds very interesting. I love how you and your family compete with each other, builds a lot of character and strengthens the bond in the family.

CSZ: Thank you so much again for taking time away from your family to answer a few short questions. We look forward to following you this season and can’t wait for you to put on that Louisville uniform. Hope you and your love ones continue to remain safe. Take care.

PV: Thank you very much.

Be sure to make or keep Cardinalsportszone.com in your daily schedule. We will be continuing to give you something to read and pass the time with while we go through this challenging time. If you haven’t already done so, go head and check out the Payton Verhulst commitment article right here Cards Make Huge Splash With Pickup Of 2021 G Payton Verhulst

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