Updated 2020 Way Too Early Heisman Odds

A couple of months ago, CSZ discussed Sports Betting Dime’s Way Too Early 2020 Heisman odds. In that post, we saw that Javian Hawkins, Tutu Atwell, and Micale Cunningham were all on the radar albeit long shots. Javian was the highest of the 3 with the 19th best odds. He was followed by Tutu with the 20th best odds and Micale with the 25th best odds.

Heisman Odds
Photo Courtesy of sportsbettingdime.com
2020 Heisman odds
Photo Courtesy of sportsbettingdime.com

The order of Louisville’s 3 Heisman contenders have changed from a couple months ago on sportsbettingdime.com. Now, Tutu has the 19th best odds while Micale jumped from the 25th to the 22nd best odds. Surprisingly, Javian dropped to the 35th best odds. This publication is one of only a few that have the 3 cards in the top 35. Bovada has Micale as the highest in any publication that I’ve seen at 17.

Being that QBs and RBs typically are the ones that have won the Heisman in recent history, it’s surprising that Tutu has now become the highest ranked of the Louisville trio. However, Tutu did return some punts last season and may be used more in that role this season. If so, it makes sense that he now has the best odds of any Louisville player. The impact he had on offense was huge and if he impacts special teams as well he definitely has a chance to be in NYC.

Micale having the second best odds isn’t a surprise. The fact he’s a dual threat QB that can pass and run means he has the opportunity to put up big numbers offensively. Heisman voters love dual threat QBs that put up big numbers. Last season, Micale didn’t get the opportunity to start all year last year. Had he done so, his numbers might have had him on the Heisman radar in 2019.

Javian being so far down is a bit shocking since he had the best odds a couple months ago. His numbers were superb last season and I would expect them to be better this year because it will be his second year in the offense. However, of the three, he is the most one dimensional in that he runs the ball. However, if Javian becomes more of a receiver out of the backfield, he can add a dimension to the offense. Heisman voters love players that can effect the game in multiple ways. If Hawkins becomes a better receiver, he could truly be in NYC.

As we can see, the odds are constantly changing. I wouldn’t be surprised to see an update where Micale becomes the player with the best odds of the 3. That’s how good all 3 of these players are. My money would still be on Micale simply because he can effect the game as a runner or a passer and Heisman voters love QBs and especially dual threat QBs. However, Tutu’s big play receiving and possibility of becoming the weapon in the return game could give him such great stats that the Heisman voters won’t be able to ignore. Then we have Javian who could easily rush for 2000 yards and maybe add 200 yards receiving or more as well. In the end, Louisville has 3 viable Heisman hopefuls. They may be long shots, but they are very viable. 

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