Coach Bryan Brown Teleconference 6-8-20 (Video)

Louisville Football Defensive Coordinator and Cornerbacks Coach Bryan Brown held a teleconference yesterday to speak with the media. He answered questions about the defensive players that were in the first group returning to campus, a single team meeting they had with players arriving on campus, how the team and coaches are dealing with the protests against police brutality and for equality, and more.

Coach Brown advised that the first players brought in defensively were guys that the staff thought needed the most work on conditioning and strength. This included mostly starters and a some second team guys they believe will be contributors in the upcoming season. Also, they brought in guys that were rehabbing injuries. They brought in a mix of positions from all 3 levels of the defense.

While they cannot hold official team meetings until July, Coach Brown said they did have one meeting when the first players arrived back on campus. It was only to go over the new guidelines on staying healthy while being in the midst of this pandemic. Coach Brown said it was weird not being able to hug or otherwise so love to his players as that is what they normally do.

Obviously, the protests against police brutality and for racial equality were discussed. Asked about the need for more African American coaches and men in leadership positions, Coach Brown made it clear it was very important. He advised it is important for young African American men to see others like themselves in leadership positions because if they don’t, it may cast a pall of doubt upon their minds as to whether they can become a coach or business leader.

As far as discussions with players about what is going on, Coach Brown advised the staff has been listening more than directing players on the issues. Last week, there was a photo released of players and coaches together at the Big Four bridge. The group walked over the bridge together. The effort was not coach-led according to Brown. Instead, it was redshirt junior CB Anthony Johnson who led this march across the Big Four. Coach Brown did say they have something else they will do later this week as well and it was Johnson taking the lead again. This is something Coach Brown said the staff wants from their players. “We want to be a player-led program and a player-led team,” he said. He said Coach Satterfield told them all to keep the issue at the forefront and not let it “die down” until true change is made. Coach Brown said they will likely continue to do things to peacefully protest throughout the summer and into the season.

To listen to Coach Brown discuss all this and more, watch the video below.

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