Q&A With #FlyVille21 WR Demetrius Cannon

Yesterday Demetrius Cannon, a 3 Star Wide Receiver in 2021 class, chose Louisville over Kentucky, Arkansas, Indiana, Penn State, and Tennessee. After his commitment, he was nice enough to take some time and speak with our new member Cards Hive to discuss his recruitment. Here is that conversation.

Hive: What’s your relationship like with Coach Brewer and what are things that stand out to you about our program?

Cannon: Me and Coach Brewer have a great relationship, we are real close i feel like i can trust him, the bonds between players and coaches is what stands out to me.

Hive: Are there any other coaches that you feel like you’re really close with? It seems like the coaches in this staff shows love to all the guys even if they don’t play the position they’re coaching!

Cannon: Me and Coach Mckenzie, and Coach Stingley have a great relationship as well!

Hive: Awesome! What other programs have been after you the hardest? And of all the schools you are considering were you able to visit any of them before the shutdown?

Cannon: I’ve been getting recruited hard by Penn State, Illinois, Vanderbilt, Indiana and I visited Illinois last summer that’s it.

Hive: Have you paid much attention to current and past UL WRs? And if so who do you think you play like the most?

Cannon: I liked Jaylen Smith and Tutu but i don’t really play like them those are the only ones I know really.

Hive: Well I’m sure if you choose us you’ll hear all about Devante Parker, Deion Branch, and a few others! I personally think you play like Devante! Huge redzone target with great hands and contact doesn’t seem to bother you much, even in the air.

Cannon: Oh yes!!! I forgot all about him!!

Hive: Do you plan on enrolling early or have you figured that out yet?

Cannon: My hopes are to enroll early, me and coach are trying to figure that out.

Hive: That’s great to hear. Really shows how dedicated you are to your craft and whatever team you decide to pledge to! What do you feel like you can bring to the table from Day 1 when you step onto a campus? And what is something you would like to improve on?

Cannon: I feel like day 1 I will bring 110% of effort and high confidence, I won’t be scared to challenge myself, I wanna work on building my speed up.

Hive: What sold you on Louisville being the place you decided to call home?

Cannon: I fell in love with the atmosphere, it’s like one big family and they take care of each other. Coaches have been a real help these past months and have been on me hard.

Hive: What’s the main goal when you get here?

Cannon: I plan on coming in and earning my spot, they expect me to be big so I’m going to work hard to prove them right.

Hive: Do you have already have a major in mind?

Cannon: My major will be business and real estate!

Hive: Also wanted to ask you a couple personal questions! Whats your favorite thing to eat? And do you have any hobbies?

Cannon: My favorite food to eat is pancakes! And my hobbies are playing football and spending time with my friends and family!


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