A Virtual NCAA Tournament And A Cardinal Forever Who Helped Facilitate It

We learned in March that we were losing the NCAA Tournament due to Covid-19. Of course, as Louisvillians, we were all saddened by this because Louisville would likely end up with a very good seed and a chance for a run in the tournament. Yet, even though we didn’t get to see the tournament play out in real life, we are going to get to see it virtually. And, believe it or not, a Cardinal Forever is part of the brain-trust that is bringing this to us.

Former F/C Akoy Agau is leading a virtual 2020 NCAA Tournament. Fans will get to see their favorite team battle it out to become the 2020 Virtual Champion. Agau and his business partner Matthew Menander, a former Louisville manager, are using their company primetimesports to make this happen.

The tournament kicks off Wednesday on Twitch live streaming service. It should be wrapped up just before the NBA season resumes in Orlando’s bubble. Half of the proceeds will be donated to two charities: Direct Relief and Save the Children. So, tune in to watch the NCAA Tournament and hopefully a Cards championship, in the virtual realm.

For all the details about the tournament was created and will be run, check out ESPN’s story below.


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  1. Sounds interesting but I myself invented a totally different idea on how to conduct ANY multi-team bracket tournament in 2008, tried it out using those tourney”s run in the past 3 to 5 years, exact same order as played via TV coverage, it works. And it’s design will basically eliminate any possibility of a 13 seed playing a 9 seed for the title. So if in any actual tourney I’ve done, a 3 seed met a 5 seed for the title, that seems a bit normal. I’d love to explain this to you so give me a shout back and you might find it unusual but really cool to be a part of. Thanks.

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