CSZ Conversation With 2023 FL ATH Cedrick Hawkins

Javian Hawkins is the star RB for Louisville Football. This season he’s expected to be in the national spotlight. It just so happens being a great football player runs in the Hawkins family.

Cedrick Hawkins, the cousin of Javian, is a newly-minted 4 Star ATH on 247sports. He holds offers from Florida, Miami, Mississippi State, Pittsburgh, and Kentucky. The 2023 prospect was kind enough to speak with CSZ about himself and his recruitment in the early going.

Hive: Congrats on being named a 4 star and top 40 player in your class! What’s it like knowing you will be one of the most sought after players in the entire country regardless of position?

Hawkins: Thanks I really appreciate it! It means a lot knowing that all the sleepless nights and all the work I’ve been putting in is now being noticed but it really humbles me on a whole different level.

Hive: So with your cousin, Javian, being a star at Louisville did you watch a few games last year? And if so, what did you think?

Hawkins: Yes I watched a couple of games and I loved watching them play! They’re a great team and I can see that big things are going to happen for them soon.

Hive: I agree! Has the staff contacted you at all yet?

Hawkins: No they haven’t. I haven’t heard a word from them actually which is kind of surprising.

Hive: Would an offer from Louisville really interest you?

Hawkins: Yes it would, I’ve been talking to my cousin about it and it sounds lovely there except for the cold.

Hive: What is your favorite part of your game and what do you think you need to work on the most?

Hawkins: My athleticism is probably my favorite part of my game. Every player needs work but I want to mostly work on my technique.

Hive: Do you have any individual or team goals for this upcoming season?

Hawkins: My team goal is to win a state championship and my individual goal for the season is to lead the state in interceptions.

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