Uniform Report: Louisville Vs WKU

Photo Courtesy of @UofLFootball

On Saturday, the Louisville Cardinals take the field for the first game of the 2020 season. They will be looking quite cool as they will don the black-red-black look on the field.

It will be the debut of the new matte black helmets. The helmets are literally all black, including the Cardinal bird decal. They are really slick.

The jersey is the standard red jersey with white numbers outlined in black on the chest, back, and shoulders. โ€œLouisvilleโ€ is spelled out on the front of the chest in white letters outlined in black. They have the red wings on the shoulders, outlined in black and accented in white.

The pants are solid black with a big white old English โ€œLโ€ outlined in red on the thigh. Meanwhile the socks and cleats are black with white Adidas logos and white accents.

As far as other accessories go, the towels are white with a black Adidas logo. The arm bands are red and white with red ones having a white Adidas logo and the white ones having a red Adidas logo. The gloves are black with a white Adidas logo on the back and some red and white accents.

Louisville is going to look good for the TV cameras Saturday. Hopefully, the play on the field will be as awesome as the look of their uniforms. Remember, itโ€™s an 8 pm kick on the ACC Network.

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