Top 2022 Targets For Louisville Football Talk With CSZ About Recruitments

Cards Hive was able to speak with some of Louisville Football’s top targets for 2022. CJ Dogette Jr, Zavier Short, Davin Jackson, Ty Anderson, Kenny Fletcher, and Xayvion Bradshaw all spoke with Hive about their recruitments and who they are as players. You can check out the interviews below.

CJ Doggette Jr-6’2 275 lbs DT

Photo Courtesy of CJ Dogette’s Hudl

Hive: Was UL a school you were expecting to hear from being from Ohio?

CJ: Not really expecting them to reach out but I was excited that they did. My sister is a gymnast at Alabama and we drive by the facilities all the time. It looks really nice there.

Hive: Have you talked much with a particular coach or did they just touch base with you some and show some interest?

CJ: I spoke with Coach Case and Coach Ivey.

Hive: Did you get the feeling they might be extending an offer soon?

CJ: I‘m hoping so! They did sound really interested and my dad said it’s a good thing when the position coach reaches out so I guess we’ll see what happens.

Hive: So is it safe to say that if an offer is extended there will be legitimate interest?

CJ: Oh yeah for sure! It’s only like 3 hours away from home.

Zavier Short-6’2 202 lbs WR

Photo Courtesy of 247sports

Hive: I know the staff sent you some graphics to show interest but did you happen to talk to any coaches at all?

Zavier: I have talked with Coach Brewer a bit.

Hive: I’m a huge fan of your tape and I’m sure you have the schools in your home state’s attention. Would leaving home be something you would be willing to do?

Zavier: Thank you man, really appreciate it!! Leaving home would be something I wouldn’t have to much of a problem with. I wouldn’t want to go all the way across the country. I would like to stay somewhat so the family can watch. Which it’s great that Louisville is pretty close. Wherever I end up, I want to be able to go in a play and help the team. I don’t want to sit around for 3 years. That’s a waste of time for me. So that’s pretty much how I will be basing my decision on. Where I will be able to go in and play as either a freshman or a sophomore.

Hive: What’s your favorite part of your game?

Zavier: My favorite part of the game as a wide receiver is probably just being able to change the outcome of a game. Like if the game is on the line and 4th down you know. And you have to make a catch to win the game. That’s really exciting and something that a WR wants to have the chance to do!! It’s hype!

Davin Jackson-6’2 240 lbs SDE

Photo Courtesy of Davin Jackson’s Hudl

Hive: Besides sending graphics, did you talk to any coaches at all once the dead period was over?

Davin: Yes sir. I’ve talked to Coach Ivey and Coach Nochta.

Hive: Did you get a feeling an offer may be coming soon?

Davin: I think the offer can come at anytime. But i’m blessed to be in the position i am now, being so young. Its a great experience and i’m definitely going to make it count!

Hive: Awesome! I’m glad to hear it. So would an offer from Louisville really interest you? I know its still really early in your recruiting process.

Davin: Yes sir very much, I would love to get in campus, talk to more people and learn more about them and how their program works!

Ty Anderson-6’0 200 lbs ILB

Photo Courtesy of @TyAnder42

Hive: Since the dead period ended have you communicated with any of the coaches at all?

Ty: Yes sir. I’ve talked with Coach Derek and Coach Nochta.

Hive: What schools have reached out so far since the end of the dead period?

Ty: South Carolina, UCF, USF, West Virginia, GT, Wake Forest, Liberty, Cincinnati, Nebraska, and Louisville.

Hive: Did you get the feeling an offer could be coming from the staff soon?

Ty: Yes sir I have a feeling but we’re just taking it slow for now!

Hive: You have an impressive offer sheet already, would an offer from Louisville really peak your interest at all?

Ty: Yes sir it would.

Kenny Fletcher-6’3 215 lbs WDE

Photo Courtesy of @KennyFletcher20

Hive: Congrats on the offer! Did you have much of a conversation with any of the coaches beforehand?

Kenny: Thank you! And yes, I had a conversation with Coach Nochta and Coach Dennison and also got some edits.

Hive: So, did you have much prior knowledge of the Louisville program before you started hearing from the staff?

Kenny: Honestly no but as soon as I saw a little bit of interest from the staff, I started doing research on the college right away.

Hive: What so far has stood out about Louisville to you?

Kenny: I’ve seen the facilities and they look really nice, I like that Louisville is a great distance away from home because my dream has always been to leave home for college, I like the vibes i’m getting from the coaches that hit me up from there because they make me feel a little more comfortable.

Hive: So, with the offer, is Louisville going to be a school you have serious interest in?

Kenny: Yes most definitely!

Xayvion Bradshaw-6’0 185 lbs ATH

Photo Courtesy of

Hive: I saw where the staff has been sending you edits! Did you talk to any coaches so far and if so, who?

Xayvion: Yessir! Coach Nochta, Coach Case, and Coach Brewer all reached out!

Hive: Did you get the feeling at all that an offer might come in the near future?

Xayvion: I got a good feeling because the coaches and I have been building our relationships! I really hope an offer comes soon!

Hive: So it’s safe to say if you get extended an offer you’d be really interested?

Xayvion: Yes, extremely interested!!

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