Cardinal Forever Marcus Smith II Writes A Candid Piece About His Battle With Anxiety And Depression

Cardinal Forever Marcus Smith II was a great player at Louisville. He was an integral part of the 2013 Sugar Bowl and 2014 Russell Athletic Bowl winning teams. Smith was then a first round NFL Draft pick. He seemed to have made it, to have succeeded.

Yet, as he writes in a beautiful, powerful, and moving piece for the Player’s Tribune, he was suffering internally with anxiety and depression. It’s a life-long battle Smith has had that nearly resulted in him committing suicide. Thankfully, he did not and now he shares his story so that others who may be dealing with these mental health issues will seek out help and know that they aren’t alone.

I urge all of our loyal CSZ readers to please read Marcus Smith’s story. It’s important and powerful. In the end, it’s nice to see that Marcus has found a very powerful purpose and his life wasn’t defined entirely by success or failure on a football field. He’s a true success story and one all Cardinal fans should continue to follow.

I will write no more and simply provide the tweet with a link to the article below so you can read this important piece.

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