Bryan Brown And Nick Okeke Post-Practice Press Conference: 10-28-20

Louisville Defensive Coordinator and Cornerbacks Coach Bryan Brown and redshirt junior LB Nick Okeke spoke to the media after practice. The defensive improvement over the last two games, the upcoming matchup with Virginia Tech, and the newfound confidence the defense is playing with are some of the topics discussed.

Coach Brown discusses the secondary and its recent improvement. He ascribes confidence as one of the keys to their improved play. Virginia Tech is discussed and Coach Brown talks about the fact they are a running team with a good offensive line. Coach Brown discusses the recent success of breaking up passes by the secondary and how they are working to turn those breakups into interceptions. He even mentions a conversation he had with one of the refs after a dropped interception by Kei’Trel Clark on Saturday. It’s pretty funny. Coach Brown discusses his thoughts on his defense’s tackling against FSU and how it will be important they tackle well against Virginia Tech. The discussion then turns to the young guys who were able to get some playing time Saturday. Dez Tell, Lovie Jenkins, Josh Minkins, and Greedy Vance were some of the names Coach Brown mentions. Coach Brown then discusses what UofL’s defense will have to deal with playing against big, mobile Virginia Tech QB Hendon Hooker. The final topics discussed involved the defense’s confidence and their developing ability to fight to the end of each game and not give up.

Nick Okeke discusses the defenses newfound confidence after the defenses excellent performance over the last two games. He then discusses the challenge the defense faces when they face off against Virginia Tech RB Khalil Herbert and QB Hendon Hooker. Okeke talks about how the team has moved on from enjoying the win against FSU and is focusing on the Hokies.

To hear all of what Coach Brown and Nick Okeke have to say, check out their full pressers below.

Bryan Brown:

Nick Okeke:


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