Uniform Report: Louisville Vs Virginia

The Cards are hitting the road and heading to Charlottesville to play the Virginia Cavaliers Saturday afternoon. Of course, the game was moved because of Covid, but the uniform combo stays the same. And it’s yet another new uniform combo.

✔️ Red Helmet

✔️ White Jersey

✔️ Black Pants

The red helmet we have seen all season will be the head gear choice. The will go with the standard white jersey with red letters and numbers outlined in black. The sleeves have the white wings outlined in red and black. The pants are the solid black ones with the white Ole English L outlined in red. Cleats will be black and gloves will be red.

This is an interesting combo to be sure. In fact, it appears this may be the first time this combo has been deployed by Louisville. A look back through last season shows it’s not one they wore in any game. And so far this season, it is not a combo they’ve employed. So, it’s unique and cool. Let’s just hope they play as unique and cool on the field as they will look in this uni combo.


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