Cardinal Forever Perrin Johnson Brings Free Coronavirus Testing To Louisville

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic continues to wreck havoc on society. The world is desperately working to try and bring the pandemic to an end. One way to help bring this about is testing and contact tracing. Cardinal Forever, and friend of the site, Perrin Johnson just helped make a huge advance in the area of testing.

In conjunction with SV Diagnostics, Perrin has brought free testing to the city. The test is not the usual nasal swab, but instead a mouth wash. The details about when and where you can take advantage of the testing is in the tweet above.

Perrin had this to say about this endeavor he undertook and helped bring to fruition:

“I wanted to help create more opportunities for testing to be available. Even though the vaccine is coming its not going to be accessible to everyone for some time.”

A common thread is running through Louisville Athletics. That thread is that it produces men of excellent character who are constantly trying to help give back or raise up the Louisville community and the communities they may have come from or currently live in. Perrin Johnson is a prime example of this and his efforts may help save lives. Bravo Perrin, Bravo.

To read even more details about how the testing, read the following information below: 

We offer FREE COVID testing with a NON- INVASIVE  pain free FDA approved oral mouthwash thru SV diagnostics in Dayton OH. 
   SV diagnostics is a CLIA certified lab that offers RT-PCR COVID testing with typical results being available by text in 48 hours.
    SV Diagnostic lab does NOT require a prior appointment and accepts all requests whether it is for Medical or travel related reasons.
   For Travelers looking for COVID testing, we offer cash-based options and help planning for your trip with typical results in 24 hours. 
– uninsured patients are billed to the HSRA cares act, part of the federal relief fund passed by congress in 2020.  
Benefits of FDA approved oral mouthwash from SV diagnostics lab:
You can register for your test ahead of time and come same day when its most convenient for you.  The process at the testing site typically doesn’t take more than 5 minutes. We also welcome walk-ins to our site.  
*Nothing to eat or drink for 30 minutes before your test*
Real Time  RT-PCR ( Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction) This is a lab technique for detecting pathogens including viruses.  It can lower potential for detecting pathogens It is considered the “gold standard” of testing and is the most accurate method- up to 99% 
CLIA certified–  (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) Regulated by CMS ( Centers for Medicare & Medicaid)  Highest quality standard for labs and needed to preform COVID 19 testing. 
 Non invasive- great for kids or anyone who does not want a nasal swab
* No pain.  The testing solution tastes like a flat red bull
* Mouthwash test is just as effective or more effective than nasal swabs and are ran on the same ” gold standard technology” Real time RT-PCR 
* Get back to work, school, and regular activities sooner with oral mouthwash. Oral mucosa cells typically regenerate within 7 days;  nasal regeneration can take up to 14 days.  This can lead to false positive results due to lingering cells in the nasal cavity when the person is asymptomatic. 
The address:
SV diagnostics


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