2022 Cardinal Target Tre Donaldson Breakdown

Tre Donaldson is a 4 Star S/LB hybrid out of Tallahassee, Florida with offers from the likes of Alabama, Florida, Penn State, Auburn, and Ole Miss, among many others. Standing at 6’2 and weighing in at 190 lbs, Tre has serious positional versatility and I could very easily see him playing a few positions if he decided to give his commitment to the Cardinals. Tre is listed as a safety on most recruiting sites, and has mainly played safety. However, with Coach Derek Nicholson being his primary recruiter, it’s fair to assume that the staff sees Tre fitting in at LB.

Photo Courtesy of Zach Blostein/247sports

The position I see Tre fitting in best and being able to get playing time the earliest at is the Card OLB position. His ability in coverage is probably his greatest asset. It’s where he shows his high football IQ and elite ability to be able to read the QBs eyes and read the routes developing in front of him. He is also a very good tackler in space and has no problem at all getting his nose in there and getting physical.

Photo Courtesy of Brian Miller/Tallahassee Democrat

Tre is also an outstanding high school point guard who will be playing basketball wherever he goes as well so the athletic ability is apparent. That athletic ability, mixed with his frame and football IQ, gives him an outstanding chance to be the starter at the Card position his freshman year depending on if he intends to enroll early or not, and if he even chooses the Cards. That being said, I think the staff is in an extremely good position with Tre. Also, with our basketball program being what it is compared to the other schools Tre is considering, I think that gives us another edge in his recruitment as well.

Photo Courtesy of Zach Blostein/247sports

Overall, I think Tre definitely has the potential to become an NFL-level LB with some training in the weight room. My belief is due to the fact offenses have shifted into more pass-oriented offensive attacks where LBs are asked to cover more and more. I can definitely see why the staff feels like he is one of the absolute top priorities in this class as he is a perfect fit for what they like to do on defense as far as being able to cover well and play in space. Tre is set to visit campus on June 11th, which is the same day as 2 other Cardinal commits, including OLB Popeye Williams. So, that will definitely be a date to keep an eye on Cardinal fans! Here’s to hoping the staff can land another one of their top prospects of the 2022 class!

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