Louisville MBB Releases 3rd Episode Of Video Series Chapter 108

Louisville men’s basketball released the 3rd episode of the Chapter 108 film series. The series chronicles the off season work Team 108 has been putting in. This episode has a few different focuses.

First, we see the Cards working out hard in the weight room and hear from various players such as Noah Locke and Dre Davis. We also hear from strength and conditioning coach Andy Kettler on his philosophy in the weight room.

Next, they cut to Coach Mack’s house. We see various members of the team and staff in the swimming pool and relaxing inside Coach Mack’s residence. We also hear from some players and coaches about how this time spent together helps with team chemistry.

The final two parts focus on transfer Matt Cross and assistant coach Kahil Fennell. We hear from both men with Cross discussing his adjustment to his new university and Coach Fennell discussing coaching this group of players and how they have taken to him now that he’s an on-floor assistant. Various players also speak about what Cross and Fennell bring to the team.

To hear all the details and see a taste of basketball action, check out the video yourself. It has some interesting highlights and hearing both returning players and newcomers speak is interesting. It gives fans a more holistic view of the players and staff.

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