Episode IV Of Chapter 108 Louisville MBB Video Series Highlights The Show Softball Game

The latest episode of the Chapter 108 video series for Louisville men’s basketball highlighted the charity softball game called, “The Show,” held at Jim Patterson Stadium.

We see Coach Chris Mack, softball team captains Malik Williams and Jarrod West, strength and conditioning coach Andy Kettler, and various other players speak about the game. Highlights include the combine held to determine player strengths and weaknesses. the draft of players for the game, and highlights from the game. 

If you were unable to attend, check out this video. It looks like fun for the whole family while generating funds for the very worthy cause of Jaxen’s Journey. From the sounds of it, it appears the game will likely become an annual event. So, if you couldn’t attend this year, there’s likely going to be an opportunity next year.

Also check out the gallery here for photos of the game from Jeff Nunn 

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