Louisville Football Media Day: Dream NIL Collaborations

With NCAA athletes now able to profit off of their name, image, and likeness, companies are utilizing the publicity pull of collegiate standouts to help not only grow their respective business, but also assist in getting athletes paid as well. CSZ’s beat writer for football Dalton Pence and staff photographer TJ Barr asked six University of Louisville football players what their dream NIL collaboration/deal would be; here are their answers:

Monty Montgomery: Nelk Boys and Adidas

“From a YouTube standpoint, I choose Nelk Boys because they’re lit. From a brand standpoint, I’d go with Adidas. I’ve worn Adidas on the field from high school to Louisville.”

CJ Avery: Jordan

“I think it would be Jordan; I grew up liking all of the Jordan’s (shoes). Besides, who wouldn’t want free Jordan’s?”

Braden Smith: Dodge

“I would say Dodge, just because I am a big fan of the Charger and I would want to see if I could get one of the new Chargers’ out there.”

Yaya Diaby: Dodge

“Dodge, because I would love to have a very, very nice car.”

Chandler Jones: Louisville Zoo

“I would like to play with the animals, but maybe not insects. I would love it, just to spend the day with the tiger. I would swim with dolphins if I could.”

Kei’Trel Clark: UFC

“I love the UFC; every Saturday, that’s what I watch. My favorite fighter is Israel Adesanya. If they wanted me to endorse some shorts or something, I would do it.”



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