Louisville Football Unveils Uniforms For Season Opener Against Ole Miss

Louisville is playing in their second ever Chick-Fil-A Kickoff game against Ole Miss. With a big time game on prime time television, it stands to reason that the Cards would be wearing some razzle dazzle uniforms. And, of course, they are, but they appear to be a mix of razzle dazzle and tradition.

The Cards are wearing bright red color rush uniforms with white lettering and numbers that have black outlines. The black shadowing/outline looks new. The wings on the sleeves appear to be red-on-red, with the outline of the wings being a chrome red. The helmets are red with a normal shiny finish, but with chrome face masks. The Cardinal bird head logo appears to be pretty big and white like last year’s was.

These look sharp, having a mix of tradition with a bit of new school style. Hopefully, the Cards win in these as they have a history of dropping games where they wear special uniforms. Regardless, these uniforms have a splash of flavor that isn’t over the top. Go Cards! Beat the Rebs.

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