Louisville MBB Stays Local With Commitment From Top 2023 Prospect Kaleb Glenn

Louisville men’s basketball had their annual Louisville Live event this past Saturday. There was quite a list of big time prospects there that the UofL staff was trying to impress. One, in particular, is a local recruit who has recently become one of the top 2023 prospects in the nation. Kaleb Glenn went from an off the radar, diamond in the rough-type prospect to a top 50 prospect. Coach Chris Mack didn’t want him leaving the city and he has succeeded as Glenn made his commitment to the Cards today.

Kaleb Glenn is a 6’6 200 lbs athletic wing that plays for Louisville Male. Male has been kind to UofL men’s basketball throughout the years, with stars such as Dr. Dunkenstein Darrell Griffith and Larry O’Bannon having cemented themselves as Louisville legends. Now Kaleb Glenn looks to make his mark as a Card.

Glenn is ranked as the number 39 overall prospect in the 2023 class according to 247sports composite rankings. He’s ranked as the 9th-best at his position. Glenn chose his hometown team over offers from 11 other schools that included Indiana, Tennessee, West Virginia, Texas A&M, and Arizona State, among others.

Kaleb Glenn Highlights (Warning: Some Explicit Language):

Glenn is exactly the type of player you imagine thriving under Coach Mack. He’s already got himself in tremendous physical shape. Once he gets to UofL, I imagine it’ll be more about polishing than building him physically speaking. As far as his game, he’s a scorer that can put the ball in the basket at all three levels.

Glenn has really developed as a catch-and-shoot three-point shooter which is something the Mack offense needs. He’s got plenty of range too and is now just working on the consistency aspect. He’s also developing the ability to hit from beyond the arc off the dribble. He’s developing the ability to shoot it from deep off a rhythm dribble.

Speaking of dribbling, Glenn is quite a good ball-handler. He can be relied upon in the half court to even run the point or be a secondary ball-handler from time to time. His ball-handling ability is especially noticeable on the break or on drive from the wings and corners. He’s not a fancy ball-handler, but he is a highly effective one. He protects the ball and is in control of it at all times when driving or running it up the floor.

Around the rim, Glenn is going to finish. I can’t imagine that his finishing ability won’t translate to college and likely professional basketball. I would consider his finishing ability around the rim to be elite. He can dunk, finish through contact (and he welcomes contact), and he can finish with little jump hooks and bunny jumpers. His athleticism is truly elite as on quite a few dunks, he is nearly eye-level with the rim. Glenn’s got excellent bounce around the rim and for fans clamoring for more dunks, he shall provide. He’s going to be an absolute nightmare for any defender once he gets inside the paint.

Glenn has a nice little mid-range shot that he can get off against defenders. He doesn’t necessarily use a pull-up as much as he does a little turnaround fadeaway jumper. He utilizes this mostly when he’s posting up in between the block and the arc. He can hit it anywhere from the short corner to the elbow on either side.

Posting up is a very unique skill Glenn possesses. He doesn’t mind posting up with his back to the basket. He has a quick first step that gets him in good position to make a move toward the rim. If he’s defended well, he will utilize that turnaround fadeaway. Sometimes, he will back a defender down deep in the paint and use a quick move to get a jump hook shot off.

The ability that stood out most to me was Glenn’s passing. He’s such a great and willing passer, especially out of the post-up position. His court vision is special as he can whip the ball to wide open guys underneath or to three-point shooters on the wings or out top. He can drive and kick the ball out to the wing or corner for open threes if a defense collapses to stop him. When he’s got the ball out top, he will make a simple pass to an open man on the wing. Glenn doesn’t miss an open teammate. With Mack emphasizing better ball movement, Glenn will fit right.

With his size, athleticism, and strength, Glenn is a capable rebounder. Obviously, rebounds aren’t in highlight films too often, but you can see that Glenn has a nose for the ball and is willing to fight for it. Offensive rebounding is definitely a strength for him. He is a guy that loves to attack the glass on that end. I believe he does the same on the defensive end as well. Glenn should be a 6-10 rebound a game type guy.

Defensively, Glenn has the hops and ability to cover ground to be able to help as a weak-side defender block some shots. He should also be able to do what I call the, “Lebron block,” by chasing down an offensive player on the break to swat a layup attempt. Glenn has a high motor and he’s got good anticipation. I imagine he will get some steals because of this.

Kaleb Glenn has all the tools to be a college basketball star. His size at 6’6 200 lbs is nearly perfect. He’s a versatile offensive player that should be able to develop into a dog on the defensive end. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets even more offers despite his commitment. In the end, he gives Coach Chris Mack his dream wing player. There’s not one player he necessarily reminds me of from Louisville’s past. To me, he’s an amalgamation of Francisco Garcia, Terrence Williams, and a splash of Luke Hancock. Regardless. Kaleb Glenn staying home is a huge victory on the recruiting trail for Coach Mack.

Below, you can read a nice interview friend of the site Jake Weingarten had with the newest Card Kaleb Glenn.

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