Uniform Report: UofL Vs Wake Forest

Louisville football is hitting the road again this week to battle 24th-ranked Wake Forest. With a new game, comes a new uniform combination. We have seen a variety of combos already on the young season. Now it’s time to add yet another new one for this season.

✔️ Black Helmet

✔️ White Jersey

✔️ Black Pants

The black matte helmet with the black Cardinal head decal is back. Back as well is the “Belief” logo on the front above the face mask. Of course, the face mask itself is also black.

The white jersey worn last weekend is returning as well. The shoulders and sleeves will feature the same shiny white outline and the numbering and letters will be red with a shadow-like black outline.

The pants are the same black pants worn against UCF with a red card head on the thigh.

For those wondering, this is the exact same uniform color combo the team wore when they went to Winston-Salem and defeated then 19th-ranked Wake Forest in an epic shootout 62-59. In fact, this game presents a very similar situation this weekend. While the 2019 game was a night game, this game will kick off at 12:30 pm. In 2019, Wake Forest was looking to remain a perfect 6-0 while UofL was looking to get a game closer to bowl eligibility at 4-2. Now, the Cards look to go 4-1 while Wake Forest looks to remain perfect at 5-0. It will be interesting to see how this game plays out.

Hopefully, wearing the same uniform combo will bring the same result…a Cardinal victory. However, I’m sure many fans, as myself, would prefer it not to be in such a heart-stopping manner.

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