Amended NOA Now Includes Alleged Violations Of Coach Chris Mack

The alleged violations that emerged as a result of the extortion case involving Coach Chris Mack and disgraced former assistant Dino Gaudio will now be included in the same Notice of Allegations currently working its way through the IARP. That, according to a press release from the University of Louisville.

The alleged violations are summarized as follows:

  • The staff using graduate assistants, managers, and other non-coaching staff members participating in impermissible on-court activities.
  • The staff produced illegal recruiting videos showing the names, images, or likenesses of prospective student-athletes and also created personalized pamphlets and itineraries for prospective student-athletes for both official and unofficial visits.
  • Coach Mack didn’t promote atmosphere of compliance due to being involved personally with the above alleged violations or due to the violations being done at his direction. (Coach Mack didn’t rebut the presumption of responsibility)

All of the alleged violations above are being considered Level II violations by the NCAA.

It is quite interesting that the NCAA has amended the original Notice of Allegations from May 4, 2020 involving all the issues related to the Adidas pay-for-play scandal to include Coach Mack’s violations. Now, all the violations that have been alleged to take place under two different coaches will be adjudicated at the same time. It remains to be seen if Coach Mack’s violations will have any impact on the case as a whole or whether they will be a simple drop in a full bucket of water the men’s basketball program is having to carry.

There is still no known timeline of when the university’s IARP case will be concluded, according to the press release. The university says they are preparing for this process to continue into at least the Spring of 2022.

To read the full details, check out the press release below. You can read the actual amended Notice of Allegations by clicking the second link in the release.

University of Louisville

John Karman, 502-852-1108

Oct. 1, 2021

Statement from the University of Louisville regarding men’s basketball

LOUISVILLE, Ky. —  The University of Louisville has received an amendment to our May 4, 2020, Notice of Allegations from the NCAA. Once thoroughly reviewed, we will respond in the best interests of the University of Louisville and the Louisville Cardinals Men’s Basketball program. Further information on the IARP process may be found here.

The University does not determine the dates or the timeline of the IARP process. Realistically, we are preparing for this process to continue through Spring of 2022. The amended NOA can be found at this site

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