CSZ’s Favorite UofL/UK Rivalry Games

The UofL/UK rivalry has had some classic matchups. Of course, it also had some big blowouts as well. CSZ decided to give our readers some of the best games and best UofL blowout victory games from the rivalry as we head into the annual game. Check them out below.


2000-KIng Of The Jungle 40-34 OT


2003- Shelt-Shocked 40-24

2004-Gates Open 28-0

2005-Elvis Entered The Building 31-24

2006-The Bush Game 🙁



2012-Long Drives



2014-Kyle mf Bolin

2015-31-0 run (Lamar Secures uk postseason Drought)

2016- The Fumble

(No Video, just a painful reminder)


2017-The Lamar Revenge Game

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