ACC Switching Up Scheduling Model In 2023 And Beyond

The ACC is taking a different approach to scheduling for its football teams starting in 2023. Gone is the system of divisions. It is being replaced by the 3-5-5 model. While it is bittersweet, it allows for a conference championship featuring the two best teams rather than an affair featuring two teams with vast differences in their talent levels.

The 3-5-5 model gives each team 3 primary opponents they will play every year. Each team will then play the other 10 twice during a 4-year cycle. Once at home and once on the road. Louisville’s 3 primary opponents will be Georgia Tech, Virginia, and Miami.

The first 4-year cycle of conference games has been released by the ACC. Here is the series of tweets showing the schedule from the 2023 season through the 2026 season. 

2023 will be the weakest conference slate for UofL, but 2026 will be its toughest. 

Below, you can see UofL’s press release about the new scheduling. 

Press Release From Louisville Athletics:

Photo Courtesy of @ACCFootball

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