Big Ticket Basketball Camp Review and Photo Gallery

Over the weekend, Sydney Curry hosted the first of what we here at CSZ hope to be many more of the”Big Ticket” Basketball Camp.

Campers started filling up the Christian Activity Center shortly after 8am, for an event that was scheduled to start at 9am.

During the camp, campers participated in: shooting, dribbling, passing and footwork drills before things got competitive.

Kids were then given the opportunity to showoff their new skills in games such as; dribble knockout, 1-on-1, knockout, dribble relays, and 5-on-5 to end their session.

All of the campers had the chance of a lifetime: like a soon-to-be 5th grader at Fairdale Elementary got to show off his skills vs UofL star big man Sydney Curry. Event hough Curry dominated the first two match ups, but the youngster eventually got the better of Curry with an over the shoulder no-look layup.

The other campers and instructors went crazy. Another camper, headed to the 4th grade, beat Sydney Curry in a round of knockout. The young man also waved goodbye to Curry as he hit the shot that sent Curry to the sideline.

In the 2nd group, the competitive nature of the campers were evident before their session started. The kids played different variations of 1-on-1 games. Competition and hard work would be the theme of the 2nd session.

Like the first session, campers participated in a number of drills. Unlike the first session, the drills got competitive. Camp instructors took notice and catered to the campers by adjusting certain drills to allow for more competition.

During the 1-on-1s and 5-on-5s, the campers personalities really started to take center stage. Campers tried to trade certain players without the coaches knowing, lobbied for more playing time, and left it all out on the floor. There were a lot of close games and game winning shots, to go along with a ton of trash talking. During some of the scheduled breaks, campers played 1-on-1 vs the coaches and let their coach have it every time they got a bucket.

The camp was open to boys and girls and was split into 2 sessions. 9:00am – noon consisted of 3rd-5th graders and 6th-8th graders went from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. After each session, Curry stayed after to take pictures and sign autographs for any camper that wanted a picture or an autograph.

CSZ photographers TJ Barr and Jeff Nunn were in attendance to capture some images from the day for you to enjoy. The first images are from the morning session and the later images are from the afternoon session.


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